Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumn Lake

Autumn is about at it's peak around here. The air is cool and crisp. The colors are flying! Here's a song that I wrote many years ago sitting by the fireplace Up North. Hope you like it...Enjoy!

Autumn Lake

Flying colors are in the trees
A soft wind continues to blow
I was just thinking about my babe
She warms my heart and turns it to gold

I was sitting by the fireplace
With the lady I love so dear
Making vows that last a lifetime
I gave her a soft loving kiss

Looking outside the window
The wind is starting to get colder
A snowflake falls from the sky
Winter's rolling along the way

Oh babe, you're here to keep me warm
Your soft embrace touches my skin
The fire is snapping and crackling
As together we drink our wine

I wish we can stay much longer
But I know that you will change your mind
I love you more than I can say
And I know that you love me too

Stay the night and I'll keep you warm
Gentle as I always will be
You know that my heart would always be there
You are my hun and I love you so

I wish this night would last forever
At least until tomorrows gone
Maybe this might last forever
With our love, I'm sure that we could....

Wishing the sun to stand still...
Reaching out-to our hearts-dreaming....

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Bar L. said...

this is beautiful