Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've always like musicians that think outside of the box. Weather it works or not...I gave credit to those who try. Here's Apocalyptia, doing their version of Metallica's "Enter Sandman". Interesting....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elbow Numbness

For the last couple of months, I've been experiencing numbness in my left elbow and my hand falling asleep. Generally, it doesn't really bother me that much, but the last few days it has seem to be getting worse. Right now, I can't feel a thing in my elbow.

Until lately, I've been chalking it up as years and years of feeding stock into presses and the fact that I'm getting old. The more it has been bothering me the more I've been looking up stuff on the internet.

Here's something interesting that I found....

Ulnar nerve entrapment

The ulnar nerve is the "funny bone" nerve which travels between the tip of the elbow and the inner elbow bone. At this site it can be "pinched" by normal structures or swollen structures after injury. This pinching is referred to as entrapment. When ulnar nerve entrapment occurs, numbness and tingling of the little and ring finger of the hand may be felt. Pain may occur in the entire forearm, usually the inner side. Hand dexterity can be affected. Sometimes, the numbness is reproduced by elevating the hand. Treatment consists of avoiding repeated trauma or pressure to the elbow area and resting the elbow joint. Occasionally, ice can help. In severe cases, surgical repositioning of the ulnar nerve can be required. This relocates the ulnar nerve to a position where it will not be continually compressed by the surrounding structures.

This ALMOST fits the description to a tee. It may be it, it may not. If it is, I may need surgery.

I know, I know...Why do I just go to a doctor? The truth is, I'm afraid to. I just don't want to hear a doctor tell me I need surgery. Honestly, I can't afford to take the time off. Rent and car payments need to get paid. I know... my girlfriend calls my stubborn about this. The truth is I need to go.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Steven!

I almost forgot! The Demon of Screamin' Steven Tyler, turns 63 years old today! I'll never forget seeing Aerosmith in concert in 1990. Had seventh row seats! It was so amazing to see Tyler in his prime so close!

Monday, March 21, 2011


After reading a review on Tender Heart's blog on Journey, I got a little inspired to do one of my own. Well, it least on their 1981 live release, Captured.

Well, "captured" live on various dates during their 1980 Departure Tour, this album is an excellent documentation of their live sound! Admittedly, before I got this album, I thought their live recordings would be similar to their studio creations. How wrong I was! Imagine my surprise to hear all those fiery solos, improvisations and the energy of the music. Unbelievable!

Remarkably up-tempo and upbeat, the energy can be felt by both the band and the audience that they played for. By staying away from cheesy versions of their hits, the band improvised and even stretched the tunes out a little longer, making this album feel a concert full of talented musicians! Makes me wish I had seen them in concert that year...

What a talented group this is! Led by Neil Schon's blistering guitar work, for he rocked out on all cylinders. The riffing he supplies on tunes like "Where Were You" and "Line of Fire" borders on heavy metal, while "Walks Like a Lady" has some superb blues solos in it. Ross Valory bass is quite exceptional as he thumbs it up on the hit, "Wheel in the Sky". Jazz influenced drummer Steve Smith has a monster drum solo on "La Do Da". Greg Rollie, the once voice and ivory picker for Santana, who's baritone pipe swoons impressively through "Just the Same Way" and "Feeling That Way". The keys he pounds compliments Schon's guitar to a tee, especially on "Walks Like a Lady" (Yeah, I've noticed more and better keyboard work here than his replacement Jonathan Cain ever did) And Steve Perry? Oh God...his tenor vocals swoons and sways me, sending shivers down my spine at times! Never before I heard great singing like this.

The one tune that really got me was their concert favorite, "Dixie Highway". That one really blows me away! The band seemed to pull all of their talents together and smacked the audience with a killer here. There's the ultra tenor spine tingling vocals, a smokin' keyboard solo to match the fire from Schon and uplifting time changes all in a neat package.

If you're a Journey fan-get this album! If you do have it...CRANK IT!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Going On?

As I'm looking back on my blog, I've noticed a bit of negligence on my part. Sorry about that. So I thought I'd tell you about what's going on lately. So, forgive me if I may ramble.

With temperatures climbing past the 60 degree mark for the first time since October of last year, I've itching to get outside and really enjoy the fresh air and feel the sun's warmth. So I ended up taking a ride in my new car.

With my windows rolled down, my hair blowing in the wind and the stereo blasting Santana, I felt a relief that my brakes in the car were fixed. Yeah, just a mere two weeks having acquired the car I'm spending $350 for a brake job! Ya think something like this should be happening so soon? Not under warranty either. Believe me, the dealership got an earful...

Eying the last of the snow that still remained on the ground from last month's big blizzard, I couldn't help to think about the catastrophe in Japan. The earthquakes, the tsunamis and the nuclear meltdowns, they have it really bad. Much, much worse than the big assed blizzard I witnessed here. I wonder of when and how Japan would ever get back on their feet after such a disaster. My heart goes to those who live there.

I thought about taking a trip to Madison to see the Capital, I haven't been there in years. With the Walker Bill thing going on and all the protesters hanging out there, it doesn't seem like a good idea to go. For one, I'm politically inept. Much of it is just jargon to me. The possible ending of collective bargaining for public unions, the Democrats running off to Illinois, budget cuts and layoffs-it's all Greek to me. Honestly, I'm not sure on how it would affect me. (Not trying to be selfish here) All I know that a lot of people are pissed....

As I made a stop to visit my "daughter" at her new place. She finally moved out from the clutches and the drama of my ex-wife. Which is a good thing. She can finally make it on her own and have a family lifestyle that she so desires. I'm proud of her for that. This way my "granddaughter" can enjoy being raised in a normal household.

Man, has she gotten BIG! Almost four years old! She's bouncing around and squealing with delight-calling me Gampa! Brings a joy to my heart and smile to my face....Gave me hug when I said goodbye...

Which reminds me, I haven't seen too much of my son lately. He been hanging around his friends more these days. I miss him.

I made my back home to the arms of my girlfriend feeling blessed about what I have. She was just telling me about her daughter may be going to UW-Parkside nearby Kenosha to further her education. Looking forward to be out on her own, she's studying for marine biology and psychology. I praying that she would accepted...

Thinking about it all...for every bump in road there's a light around the corner.....So what's going with you?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip to Kenosha

What to when the cold winds are still blowing off of Lake Michigan and there is nothing to do? Take a trip of course! Yesterday we spent a wonderful day visiting the three museums in Kenosha.

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum was SOOO cool! Being a dinosaur nut, I still find it amazing to see the sheer size of these creatures! The above picture is a tyrannosaurus rex as compared to some of the other predatory dinosaurs. I certainly wouldn't want to mess him! (Nor any other dinosaur for that matter)

Just down the road was the Kenosha Public Museum. That one was really neat! The museum has various displays showing art, heritage and a cool walk through the years! The picture above is a display of Indians that lived in the region thousands of years ago. The picture below was the most complete skeleton of a mammoth in North America. Discovered in Kenosha County in 1994, the creature was said to be killed and butchered by hunters over 14,000 years ago.

Our next stop was the Civil War Museum next door. Kinda neat too! The museum shows reenactments of the Civil War era. It was interesting to see the old fashioned clothes and tools that they used. Also inside, is a memorial to those served in ALL of the American wars. Below picture is a cannon used in the Civil War.

Admission for both the Dinosaur Discovery Museum and the Kenosha Public Museum is free, while it is ten bucks per person for a non Kenosha resident to see the Civil War Museum.

Here's the weblink.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alice in Chains Bass Player Found Dead

The original bass player from the grunge band, Alice in Chains was found dead at a home in Salt Lake City, Utah this afternoon. Not only Starr appeared on the first two albums from AIC, he "starred" in the third season of Celebrity Rehab to kick his heroin addiction. Last month, he was arrested in Salt Lake City on a felony charge of drug possession. Found on him was six Xanax and Opana (pain killers) Cause of death is still undetermined.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lyden Moon

Lyden Moon.... I've been raving about these guys for some time now. I've seen these guys a few times now in the local music scene. Hailed from Kenosha, WI.,these are really good! I did manage to find a video of them. Check it out!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoughts for Food 2011-The Review

Like tradition, I made way down the annual Thoughts for Food Benefit. So far, I've lost track of how many times I have attended this event. This year the benefit was less crowded, yet the music was still great.

The first band we saw was Identity Crisis at Michigan Pub. I have heard of these guys before, but I've never have seen them perform. Not bad at all I say! They remind me of some the '90's grunge bands like Alice in Chains. Of course, what did they play? Alice in Chains "Man in the Box". They also kicked out tunes like Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times" and Stone Temple Pilots' "Sex Type Thing" They impressed me with their heavier version of Tom Petty's "American Girl". The singer (I never did his name) got a great set of pipes. Reminds me of a higher tenor version of the late Alice in Chains' singer, Layne Stanley. These guys I wouldn't mind seeing again, if an opportunity presented itself. I wonder if they ever played at the beach.

Decisions, decisions! Whom to see next? Two of my favorite local acts were playing at the same time. Lyden Moon at Coaster's and Mean Jake over at Chartroom Charlie's. We decided to split the shows in half, first stopping at Coaster's to see Lyden Moon.

Lyden Moon's Joe Satriani-like guitar work is legendary! STILL blows me away every time I see them! The finger tapping techniques and whammy bar flying solos! AMAZING! The rhythm section...bassist Joel Thierfelder and hard hitting drummer Dan Jung provide an excellent backbone for the instrumental progressive time changes the band plays! Although they have released a few CD's, I'm still scratching my head to why these guys haven't received the national recognition they deserve.

By the time we made it to Chartroom Charlie's to see Mean Jake, the place was PACKED shoulder to shoulder with people. Standing room only! Not surprising for these local favorites, it was the same way last year. This hard rockin' bar blues band, led by singer Craig Aude and riff master Brian Kubowski, slammed through catchy selections like Creendence Clearwater Revival's "Green River", Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire", Van Morrison's "Gloria", the Stones' "Under my Thumb" and the Kinks' "Who'll be the Next in Line". Yes, another blistering set from these guys! As usual as every time I see them, smiles were on the faces of the audience as many of them were dancing in aisles. Although I didn't see their full set, I pretty sure I'll see them at the beach again this summer.

I've been on an AD/DC phase lately. Never was really into them in years past, somehow they inched their way into my collection. Maybe it's that they've gained classic rock status or I'm just recently viewing them as a fun band. Nevertheless, I saw these guys before last October at the Party on the Pavement. Razor's Edge, an AC/DC tribute band. The singer, John Muse doesn't look anything like Brian Johnson nor the late Bon Scott, yet he sure the hell sounds a lot like them. The guitarist, Bob Beaudoin was dressed up in Angus Young's trademark school boy outfit, rocked the house down with his fiery solos as the band plowed through AC/DC's list of classics like "Jailbait", "Hell's Bells", "Highway to Hell", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and "You Shook Me all Night Long". The show's highlight was the bagpipe jam during "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want Rock n' Roll)" The cool thing about the show, it brought people together, young and old, to celebrate AC/DC.

The last band of the night was at downstairs of the Eagles club. We saw my friend, Aaron James' band, Full Flavor. I haven't had the opportunity to see these guys often. Wish I did! Aaron is a red hot guitar player, who's band captures the classic sounds of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion", Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy", Doors' "Roadhouse Blues", Beatles "Twist and Shout" and Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" and rolls it up in a Latino beat. These guys are a must see for a beach event!

All in all, for a good cause, we had a great time and met a few people we knew. The crowds were not as bad it was last year. Can't wait till next year's benefit.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thoughts for Food 2011

Guess were I' m gonna be tomorrow night? Yup I go every year. It's tradition. The 19th Annual Thoughts for Food Benefit. This year's interests are-Mean Jake, Lyden Moon, Full Flavor, Identity Crisis, EZ Livin', Razor's Edge and Gypsy Creed. I'll probably be blogging a review of the night, like I did last year...

Here's a clip from their website.

"Back again, for the 19th consecutive year, Racine's biggest multi-venue and multi-act event is coming to you with a blend of old and new, quiet to loud, traditional and new-age music dedicated to raising food and money for the Racine County Food Bank.

"Thoughts for Food gives established as well as up-and-coming musicians a showcase for their talent in front of large, appreciative crowds. Concert goers are given a choice of several venues and types of music to enjoy. Typically, schedules are available the night of the event for attendees to take with them and plan their evening. With one admission gaining access to each of the venues, it isn't uncommon for music fans to go to several if not all of the venues to catch their favorites or a new ensemble that they haven't heard yet.

"On top of it all, their admission, along with (2) non-perishable food items provide needed food to their friends and neighbors throughout Racine County. With bands and volunteers donating their time, Thoughts for Food provides some of the best charity bang for your buck!"

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ever since I've been a kid in the third grade, I've had a fascination with dinosaurs. It still continues today. Yeah, I've always wanted to be a paleontologist. Well, somewhere down the line I thought it would be cooler if I became a rock star. Neither became a reality, now I work in a factory...Oh well...

Anyways, my fascination for dinosaurs has led me deep into it's world. I still like to keep up with the latest discoveries, findings and new theories. It's hard to do sometimes! As of this point, there have been over 800 species that have been discovered and more are waiting to be discovered. That's a lot! Dinosaurs fossils have been discovered in all corners of the globe including Antarctica. Places like China and Argentina are the new hot beds for discoveries. Along with new findings, come with new theories.

I could go on about new discoveries, but somehow I'll try to keep this post short and sweet. Let's just say that some discoveries have been absolutely fascinating! Like a recent finding a mummified Edmontosaurus. A specimen complete contents in it's stomach!

Some theories that came of about dinosaur behavior are quite amazing! Take for instance, the famed T-Rex. The so called "king of the dinosaurs" may have been just a scavenger. It makes sense too. The T-Rex has the biggest olfactory nerve in the animal kingdom quite similar to the modern day vulture! Yeah, the biggest bird of prey in world eats only carrion. These birds could see and smell decaying flesh for miles away. It would make sense the T-Rex would do the same. The gigantic carnivore has some tiny two fingered fore arms that were practically useless. How could it use the to hunt? With size of the beast, it could easily scare off other predators from their kill.

Let me take the time clear some myths out there. There are so many out there! First of all, dinosaurs are not slow, stupid and live in swamps. As a matter of fact, many were quite fast, had complex social lives and were scattered among all climates and regions across the globe. Secondly, the dinosaurs' time line stretched over a course of 150 million years. So, I don't know why people think stegosaurs were munched on by T-Rexes when they were extinct long before the tyannosaurs arrived. Thirdly, the velociraptors in the movie "Jurassic Park" were actually Utahraptors. Velociraptors are actually about turkey sized with long snouts. Utahraptors, the largest raptor ever found, were about six feet tall.

Whether dinosaurs were cold blooded or hot blooded is still much in debate...

Anyways, I'm curious to know what kind of stuff you were into when were a kid...