Friday, January 29, 2010

Rush East Troy, WI 6/17/1990

I've been reading a book I've recently purchased "Ghost Rider-Travels of the Healing Road" written by the drummer from Rush-Neil Peart. This has gotten me into a serious Rush mode lately. To let you all know, I' m a die hard Rush fan. Over the years, I collected all of their albums, gotten a dozen bootlegs, and seen them twice.

The second time I've seen them was at Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, WI in 1990. Talk about an excellent show! This is one of my four bootlegs that I have been to! It's kind of refreshing to know that you THERE when you are hearing the recording!

Let's talk about it! I remember this concert well! I remember the 80's hair metal act Mr. Big opening up for them. I wasn't too amused about them for after all, I thought of them as just another one of those heavy metal poser acts. Spent my time in the beer tent during that show show talking to other Rush fans. I had a guy come up to me trying to sell me some mushrooms! I declined the offer by saying "For Rush? No way!" I so learned the reason why....

Rush opened with "Force Ten" from their Hold Your Fire album. "Freewill" came next. They delighted the masses with videos from "Distant Early Warning", "Marathon", and "Red Barchetta" on a HUGE screen in the back. For stage props, they had two humongous top hats that were placed each side of the stage. Eventually, some monster sized rabbits would rise up though the hats! As the band forged on, playing music from throughout their career, the usage of lasers began to increase. The laser light show was alone was worth the ticket price! Never before I saw so many lasers! They were projected from behind the stage, off of the buildings behind us and even down the aisles! Capping off the show, band members of Mr. Big jammed with Rush on their final number "In the Mood" What a show! Awesome! I was simply amazed!

The setlist
Force Ten
Distant Early Warning
Time Stand Still
Red Barchetta
Show Don't Tell
The Pass
Closer to the Heart
Manhattan Project
YYZ/Drum Solo
War Paint
Tom Sawyer
The Spirit of Radio
2112 Overture
La Villa Strangiato
In the Mood/Wipe Out

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hand in Hand

My good friend, Orbs Corbs, of the JT Irregulars posted this article on our blog. I thought it was cool! It never ceases to amaze me the courage of the human spirit to overcome the obstacles and the tragedies that lie their paths of life. It brings me tears of joy to that happen. Miracles do happen. Here's an excerpt from that blog:

"In a Chinese modern dance competition on TV one very unique couple won one of the top prizes. The lady, in her 30's, was a dancer who had trained since she was a little girl... Later in life, she lost her entire left arm in an accident and fell into a state of depression for a few years.

"Someone then asked her to coach a Children's dancing group. From that point on, she realized that she could not forget dancing. She still loved to dance and wanted to dance again. So, she started to do some of her old routines, but, having lost her arm, she had also lost her balance.

"It took a while before she could even make simple turns and spins without falling. Then she heard of a man in his 20s who had lost a leg in an accident. He had also fallen into the usual denial, depression and anger type of emotional roller coaster. But, she was determined to find him and persuade him to dance with her. He had never danced, and to dance with one leg... are you joking with me? 'No way!'

"But, she didn't give up, and he reluctantly agreed thinking, 'I have nothing else to do anyway.' She started to teach him dancing. The two broke up a few times because he had no concept of using muscle, how to control his body, and knew none of the basic things about dancing. When she became frustrated and lost patience with him, he would walk out.

"Eventually, they came back together and started training seriously. They hired a choreographer to design routines for them. She would fly high (held by him) with both arms (a sleeve for an arm) flying in the air.

"He could bend horizontally supported by one leg with her leaning on him, etc. In the competition, as you will see, they dance beautifully and they legitimately won the competition. Really quite amazing!"

I give these guys a standing ovation!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here' s an album few people ever heard. That's a shame. It's a great record.

Former lead singer of the Yardbirds, Keith Reif, formed Armageddon out of Los Angeles in 1974. He recruited guitarist Martin Pugh and bassist Louis Cennamo both from Steamhammer and drummer Bobby Caldwell from Captain Beyond . Originally labeled as a supergroup, Armageddon was not promoted well. They only played two shows and released one album before Reif's death in 1976.

The album starts out with a bang in the hard rocking epic 'Buzzard". Some of you may heard the beautiful Silver Tightrope . "Paths and Planes and Future Gains" is a Zeppelin like rocker that will live you wanting for more! "Last Stand Before" has an ironic twist foreshadowing Reif's death. "Backing in the White of the Midnight Sun" is a killer progressive piece stretching for more than ten minutes in length.

If you haven't heard this album, check it out! You won't be sorry. Be fair to warn you, it's kind of hard to find.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I was recently in a pet store with my son taking a look at the animals there. As I was handling the animals there, I was approached by a clerk, who remarked on well I handled them. She asked what kind of pets I had. Well, I had dogs, cats, rabbits, cockateils, canaries, finches, hamsters, and fish tanks. I had a zoo at one point...

Today I'm gonna talk about my rabbit, Jazmin. I got her years ago while looking around in pet shop. My then wife fell in love with this fuzzy lop. After some prodding and begging, I gave into buying this adorable hare.

Jazmin turned out to be a wonderful experience for us. When we let her out to play, she would have the run of the house. She would run around and jump up into air. Then she would find a spot beside you and snuggle up. Yes, she was litter trained!

Here's what I learned from Jazmin.

1) She doesn't like Ted Nugent (I wonder why...) One night she was she snuggled up next to me (Just like picture above) while I was listening to the Nuge through my headphones. I could hear the opening riffs of "Stranglehold" when the music cut off. She had chewed through the wires to my headphones as if to say....

2) Taking her out for a walk is NOT fun. Yes I did this... I read somewhere that you could rabbits out for a walk. Thinking it a cool idea, I went out and got a harness and leash for her. This is how it went...Jazmin SAT there and ate grass while I was holding a leash, looking stupid. THEN she bolts off without warning. I'm running behind behind her. She STOPS on the dime! I wait her again to finish eating grass. Then she bolts off again, in another direction! Repeated this process about five times, until she was hog tied and squealling to be freed. That was the first and last time I took a rabbit for a walk.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes Holmdel, NJ 6/30/2000

Recorded live the day AFTER I saw them at Summerfest! Wishing was this was the actual show that I saw. No matter, this is just as good as the one I saw. So. I'll just tell you my experience at the show I saw. It was very similar to the show that I have on tape.

Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes sure rocked the house that night, playing mostly obscure Zep tunes like "Hots On From Nowhere" and "Your Time is Gonna Come". They threw in some golden oldies like "The Shape of Things" and "Oh Well" Yes, the Black Crowes tunes were not forgotten. Tunes like "She Talks to Angels" and "Remedy'" were played.

The band played solid in this almost three hour set. Jimmy Page played solos that were almost equal to the days of Zeppelin. Drummer Steve Gorman handled the drums to a point I almost thought John Bonham was playing. Guitarists Audley Freed (Cry of Love) and Rich Robinson held solid ground with their rhythm playing-matching to likes of Jimmy Page! Bassist Sven Pepien gave the bass a good thunder. Vocalist Chris Robinson-well, he never tried to go out of his way to sound like Robert Plant. Instead, he used he the usual southern drawl in his voice to sing in volumes. It was very interesting on how he did it. Almost like nostalgia-like a guy who is obsessed with listening those killer classic bands the Faces, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.

I remember getting lit up that night, all stoked up about hearing Led Zeppelin! Gov't Mule opened up for JP & BC and they played a rockin' show. As soon as JP & BC were done, we ran to the middle of the park to see Blues Traveler! The next day, I came back to see the Allman Brothers. What a wild rock and roll weekend it was!

The setlist as it appears on my tapes

The Wanton Song
Misty Mountain Hop
Hots On From Nowhere
No Speak, No Slave
Sick Again
What Is and What Should Never Be
Oh Well
Ten Years Gone
In My Time of Dying
Your Time is Gonna Come
The Lemon Song
In the Light
The Shape of Things
Nobodys Fault but Mine
Bring It on Home
She Talks to Angels
Out on the Tiles
Whole Lotta Love

Thank God!

My computer monitor blew a few hours ago. The screen would turn on, then it would abruptly shut itself off. Oh my GOD! What I'm gonna do? Frantically, I called the Geek Squad only to hear that they won't be able to make it until next week Sunday! What an supposed to do in the mean time? Twiddle my thumbs? The internet is my life line. I know, I know...there are other things to life other than being on the internet. I can't help it. Anyways, my ex-wife saved the day by loaning me her monitor. She doesn't have internet nor could she afford it. Thought I never had to say this, but thank you MG!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wintertime Blues

Here I am, typing slowly away at the computer, listening to some Drivin n Cryin, fighting off boredom. Not much going on my life these days. Pretty much the same old shit that goes on from day to day. That is- go to work, come home, watch TV, blog, and then go to bed. Not much of a life. Wishing winter was over with so I can outside and do something. Yeah, cabin fever is creeping up to me.

This weekend, I resolve to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get out of the house. Tomorrow I plan on going to go to my local college to get more info on American Sign Language. (It's something that I have always wanted to learn) There is a Winter Fest going on Saturday, so I may go. My buddy Aaron's new band is playing at Henry and Wanda's on Saturday night. I'd like to check them out. Of course, if weather permits....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Pics of the Lighthouse

The Wind Point Lighthouse

Ice formation on Lake Michigan

More ice formations

The City of Racine in the background

I live a quarter of a mile away from one the many lighthouse that adorn the shores of Lake Michigan. It just fascinates me on how much ice that just builds up along the shores here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of my first albums that I ever got into my collection was Kansas "Leftoverture". I think my folks got it for when I was 11 or 12 years old. Yeah, back in the day. Ever since I first heard this record, I fell in love with it. Today, it still remains one of my favorites.

This breakthrough album, released in 1976, displays an impressive set of progressive rock with catchy hooks. Fueled by a multiple amounts of instrumental passages, this album won't let you down. The lyrics are uplifting and spiritual, leaving me with a smile on face.

The album starts off with the ever popular "Carry On Wayward Son" That tune I always find myself singing along to. The next song, "The Wall", is a personal favorite of mine. A song that is extremely close to my heart. "What's On my Mind" is a rocker! "Miracles Out of Nowhere" is a killer multi-tempo progressive piece. Questions of my Childhood is an excellent bouncy and rollicking piece. Cheyenne Anthem is a beautiful song about the Native Americans. You'll get carried away by instrumentation on the epic Magmun Opus.

Other words this whole album is good, worthy of any album collection.

Kid Video

What happened to kids these days? Remember when we were younger that we to be outside to ride our bikes and play games like "Kick the Can?" I do. It was so fun getting all the neighborhood kids together to play. It was so much fun those days.

Nowadays, kids seem more focused on playing on the computer and video games. My son is no exception. My could spend hours on his X-Box 360, if I let him. Not only that, he talks about them constantly. Kinda drives me nuts. He likes to play those fantasy games and has his system hooked up to the internet so he can talk to his friends. SIGH. Getting him off is like pulling teeth. He'll protest and whine about it. Of course, that what kids do.

The past couple of days he has been getting better. We went out for dinner and took long car rides. We talked about things other than video games. He's pretty smart! He knows a lot about history and science. There's hope for my son. Gotta love him. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Floyd Colmar,France 6/22/1974

This is one of my most unusual bootlegs in my collection. Why? Well, the recording contains some very early versions of unreleased Pink Floyd songs with unexpected twists to them. These songs are the bare bones of what they would become. Tunes like "Raving & Drooling" would become "Sheep" ,while "Gotta be Crazy'" is an early form of "Dogs"-both of them would not be released until their complete final form until three years later on Animals. And yes, with different lyrics!

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" was also performed for the the first time on this short lived tour through France and the UK. (And that wouldn't be released until 1975 on their Wish You Were Here album!) Only Echoes was the only familiar tune played at this show. Does anybody remember that tune from Meddle? I could just imagine the audience scratching their heads and saying WTF?

I believe that I only have a partial of this concert. It is rumored that Pink Floyd also performed the entire Dark Side of the Moon during this this show. If that's true, I don't have the whole show. At least, what I've got is the most important.

Even though it's muddied at spots and hard to decipher at points, this tape will please the die-hards! A casual listener might be turned off after hearing this!

The set list that appears on my tape:

Raving & Drooling
Shine On you Crazy Diamond
Gotta be Crazy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sign of the Times

All artwork is property of Randy Glasbergen

I kinda stole these from SER at the JTI. I find them humorous. Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's that time of the year that I spend more time indoors watching TV. Too damn cold to be outside. One show I've been watching often recently is MythBusters on the Discovery Channel. I find this show to be entertaining and very informative. The shows creators Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman takes internet rumors, Hollywood stunts, and popular myths and tests them with scientific methods. Here is where they can confirm if the rumor is "confirmed", "plausible" or "busted."

Backed up by a reliable cast of three, Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, and ToryBelleci, they would try to replicate experiments up to full scale. Using their expertise, they would use their knowledge of science and mechanics to create a scenireo. For dramatic puposes, many experiments often involve in fires, explosions, and vehicular crashes.

Here's what I learned on the show:

A pressured up hot water heater can shoot through a basement and out of a two story building.

A compact car doesn't necessary get as flat as a pancake when sandwiched between two semis colliding head on.

A dimpled car (although looks hideous) gets better mileage than a smooth car.

That's just a small sample of the experiments done in the program. Check out the show! You'll be thrilled to learn something!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arc Angels

With all the talk recently about supergroups like Blind Faith and Them Crooked Vultures, I'd like to introduce an overlooked band, Arc Angels. Formed in early '90's out of Austin, Texas, this powerhouse blues band consists of lead guitarist/vocals, Doyle Bramhall II, guitarist/vocals Charlie Sexton, and the famed rhythm section from Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble-Tommy Shannon (bass) and Chris Layton (drums). A very impressive line up!

Originally, I when I first heard of these guys, I was thinking of some wild and crazy guitar work like the late and great SRV. This is not the case. These guys play straight forward powerhouse blues with catchy hooks. No frills, no gimmicks, just something that you hear at a bar. But better. Tunes like Shape I'm In and "Spanish Moon" has got my foot stomping. The ballad Sent By Angels is an excellent tune that you can dedicate to someone special to you. (It's my favorite track of the album) To Many Ways to Fall is killer rocker that really gets me going!

Unfortunately, this band broke up in 1993 due to Doyle Bramhall's heroin addiction. Since then, he has recovered and the band has been performed off on and on since 2002. Rumors have circulated that they officially reformed in 2009 (minus Tommy Shannon) and are working on a new album. Let's hope so!

Here's a video that started it all... Living In a Dream....

Packers Wildcard Playoff Game

Damn! I was hoping to just cut and paste last week's game and say deja' vu. Well, that isn't gonna happen. The Packers lost the the Cards 51-45 in this shootout of a game. During the first half of the game, it appeared that the Cardinals were going to win this game. But never say never. The Packers exploded in the second half and tied the game up in the end. It was in the overtime that quarterback, Aaron Rodgers fumbled the ball and the Cardinals' Karlos Dansby recovered for a touchdown. SIGH! More on the game here.

It was a great game and an excellent season for the Packers. They did a lot better than anyone expected them to do. They finished the season with an 11-6 record. Let's hope they'll make it further next season.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Melissa Etheridge Unplugged

Back in the '90's, I used to record off from MTV's Unplugged quite often. I've always enjoyed the stripped down sound of musicians sitting on down on their bar stools playing acoustic guitars and singing away. I like the personal touch this scenario brings.

On March 21, 1995, MTV broadcasted this show recorded from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. Melissa never sounded so radiant before!

I remember watching this show. I had my tape deck all hooked up to my TV and ready to go. Melissa appeared on stage by herself, alone with her guitar and a mic. I remember thinking wheres the rest of the band? She didn't need them. From the opening notes of "Come to my Window" to the final notes of "Like the Way I Do" proved to me that she could handle it on her own. Quite well, I may add. Her voice soared to sky and sent shivers down my spine on tunes like "Yes, I Am" and "I'm the Only One" Her guitar work impressed me on "Bring Me Some Water".

The highlight of this show was her introduction to "Thunder Road" (See video below). She made me and the audience feel up close and personal with her while she brought out a special guest-Bruce Springsteen!

Later that same summer, I saw Melissa Etheridge open up for the Eagles.

The setlist from this show as it appears on my tape.
Come to My Window
Ain't It Heavy
If I Wanted To
Bring Me Some Water
Maggie May
Yes I Am
Thunder Road
I'm the Only One
Like the Way I Do

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Dumped Again!

No, That's not me shoveling snow! Glad that I don't have to. One of the perks living in an apartment complex is I don't have to shovel snow. Thank God! I admit I had to when I owned a house. Anyways, the National Weather Service announced that we are going to get up to 12 inched of snow before midnight, much of it is lake effect. EGADS! That is a lot of snow! I doubt that we are going get that much, but we got enough to create a mess of the roads and snarl traffic.

With a blizzard outside and the terrible road conditions, I'm definitely staying in. So I can do on a night like this? Well, I'm gonna get cozy on my couch with my dog laying on my legs and watch some movies. Now that's relaxation.

And don't forget the hot cocoa

Monday, January 4, 2010

Perfect Strangers

From moment when the opening organ drones that fades up into a monster of a song in this album's opener Knocking at Your Back Door, I knew this album was going to be classic! It's all there! From the Hammond pushing organ solo on Nobody's Home to the cosmic lyrics of the title track , this album rocks! My favorite part of this album is the third verse of "A Gypsy's Kiss" That always gets my fist pumped up in the air! In my opinion, this is the best album from Deep Purple since Machine Head.

Released in 1984, this album marks the return of the famous Mark 2 line-up. That is: Ian Gillian on the vocals, Ritchie Blackmore on the guitar, Jon Lord on the keys, Ian Paice on the skins, and Rodger Glover on the bass. This is the first that they played together since 1973!

I was fortunate to see them on this reunion tour at Alpine Valley. Man, was that concert LOUD! My ears were ringing with Gillian's screaming for hours after the show! Not to mention a killer laser light show!

Ladies and Gentlemen-A Gypsy's Kiss

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packers Week #17

The Packers were ON FIRE today against the Arizona Cardinals, whooping them 33-7! The Pack fired out on all cylinders, completely dominated the play off bound Cards. Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a mind blowing 235 yards in three quarters. Arizona turned over the ball four times. The Packers record is 11-5 for the season More on the game here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Led Zeppelin Spokane, WA 12/30/1968

In my collection, I have over 50 bootlegged concerts from Led Zeppelin. I know that's a lot, but hearing Zeppelin live is always a treat. I don't think there are too many bands out their that can perform better than the mighty Zep.

This show is no exception. Performing live at the Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington on 12/30/1968, Zeppelin left everybody including the headlining act, Vanilla Fudge, speechless. The heavy blues that they played was no match for the psychedelia that the Fudge played. The audience was stunned by Jimmy Page's crushing guitar riffs and the violin bow theatrics. Robert Plant's wailing voice was like no has heard of before. Not to mention the thunder of John Bonham's drums and the rhythm of bassist John Paul Jones. I just could imagine the look on the faces in the audience-all dazed and confused!

Led Zeppelin had arrived from England only five days before this show, embarking their first American tour. Backing up bands like Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly, these guys were virtually unknown at this point. Their debut album would not released until January 12, 1969. It wasn't long before Zeppelin made a name for themselves.

This the earliest known bootleg from the band. The sound quality is rather muddied and hard to hear at spots. Overall it is not too bad (I've heard worse), considering how assessable bootlegging was in those days. It's always a treat to get ANY boots from that time period.

Here is a video clip from that show.

The setlist:
Train Kept a Rollin'
I Can't Quit You Babe
As Long as I Have You
includes-Fresh Garbage/Shake/Hush
Dazed and Confused
White Summer
How Many More Times
Pat's Delight (drum solo)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Splash and Dash

It seems that lunacy sometimes reigns here in Racine. Sometimes for a good cause. This year is no exception! Racine's 20th annual Splash and Dash -- sometimes known as the Polar Bear Plunge went off no problems this year. This event is when people strip down to their bathing suits and take a leap into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan! ( this morning temperature was about 17 degrees) To me, that's insane! But it was all for a good cause...

Here is a video from the 2008's event.