Thursday, April 12, 2012

Details on the New Rush Album

Just announced! The long anticipated release of the Canadian trio, Rush album Clockwork Angels is set for June 12, 2012.

The first two songs, Caravan and BU2B, were completed during that first session at Nashville’s Blackbird studios and performed nightly during the wildly successful Time Machine Tour, which ran from June 2010 to June 2011.

Work on Clockwork Angels resumed in the autumn of 2011 at Revolution Recording in Toronto after the tour’s finale, with additional strings (arranged by David Campbell) recorded at Hollywood’s Ocean Way Studios earlier this year.

Lyrically Clockwork Angels chronicles a young man’s quest across a lavish and colorful world of steampunk and alchemy as he attempts to follow his dreams. The story features lost cities, pirates, anarchists, an exotic carnival, and a rigid Watchmaker who imposes precision on every aspect of daily life.

The novelisation of Clockwork Angels is being written by science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson in collaboration with Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart.

Rush will herald the release of Clockwork Angels with a new single Headlong Flight landing at rock radio on April 19. Details of a full-scale North American tour to support the new album will be announced shortly.

Can't wait!

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R S Crabb said...


Thought I pop in here. Like you I'm sure I'll go out and get the new Rush. Should be a great listen.

You were asking about my bargain hunts in Madison. They are going to start road construction on 151 starting the 23rd of this month so really don't know how much of the four lane is going to be a two lane.

If you're looking for cheap CDs, I would suggest Pawn America on the east side of town off the interstate, it used to be Circuit City. CD's are a dollar apiece and you have four big rows to choose from. The selection is dicey at times but I have found quite a bit of stuff that I didn't think I would. Pink Floyd that's not chewed up? Picked a lucky day to get there. Down the road you have Half Priced books in the strip mall next to Motel 6 thereabouts.

If you looking for dollar albums, Mad City Music Exchange on Williamson is my go to place. Over by the UW is Strictly Discs and their selection varies. On the west side on Whitney Way is the other Half Priced Books. As you can tell I love going there although ours have a better selection. Pre Played has two locations but their selection has been awful past few times so I don't go there.

So if you hardcore bargain, Pawn America, then HP Books (although Goodwill is next door to MicroTel/ Cracker Barrel. If you need anymore info, just drop a comment off my place. Hope that helps!