Sunday, July 26, 2009

Controversy in Racine

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Before I give my opinion, let me explain. I had my cars broken into several times. The first time this happened, my window was smashed causing $900 worth of damage. It was a hassle dealing with the insurance people. After that, I left my car unlocked. Every time I called the police to make a report, it would take an hour or so for them to arrive. Once there, they would take your statement and give you a piece of paper with a case number. Then they are their way. That's it. No fingerprints, no evidence collected. The perpetrators are never caught.

Then my car got stolen. UGH!

Personally, I feel the sentence was fair. (The kids got a slap on the wrist) I understand the pain and frustration Adrial White must have felt. But vigilantism is not the answer. He was wrong for shooting these kids. He could have fired shots shots into the air to scare them off. But what if they had a gun?

Let Adrail White's case symbolize the need for better police protection here in Racine.


Bar L. said...

I have mixed feelings on this. I put myself in both shoes and even though I can understand the frustration of having your car broken into but it doesn't justify taking another life. What if that was my son breaking into that car, or your son? Shooting and killing someone for breaking into a car is just wrong. Is a car or a car stereo or whatever equal to a life? He shot them in the BACK, they didn't have a chance to run or surrender or anything. A life sentence may be a bit harsh if this guy has a clean record and has never committed another crime, but an 8 year sentence is like an insult to the family of the young man who lost his life - it is not okay to shoot people in the back even if they are breaking into your car.

Mike said...

Hey Drew ~ Found my way here from Barbara. I will tell you of my experience having been a law officer. Every state pretty much has a law that says that you have the right to defend your property and not having read this case, I'm pretty sure that was the defense. However, it's pretty common that unless you feel your life is in danger (and I'm guessing his wasn't) there is not justification for shooting someone. (Enuf said)

On a side note, trust me; you don't want some patrol cop slinging fingerprint dust around the inside of your car. The result is that thy only prints they would find would likely be yours and that crap DOES NOT go away.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Mike, but on CSI it always goes away. Are saying CSI isn't accurate? I'm shocked! ;-)

happy hippy chick said...

our car was parked in the back of our garage ans some asshole decided they liked my stereo and took it. I believe what goes around comes around and someday they will pay

drewzepmeister said...

Barbara, I agree with the points you presented here. It's the incompentcey of the police and judicial system that irritates me the most. Citizens are starting to feel they should take the law in their hands.

Mike, welcome aboard! That was pretty much the case.

Mike, I thought the same thing too!

HHC, karma has it's ways...