Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Girl From California

I recently went on trip to California to be with my girlfriend. She showed me around her hometown of Mission Viejo, the California coast, and rock and roll sites in Los Angeles. We had the most wonderful time! It's like a dream come true! I shall return someday...I miss her.

This song/poem is written about her and our experiences in California. I wrote this on my way home from California. I have written many songs before, but nothing as good as this one. It's my masterpiece!

Seeing this song doesn't have any music to it, you'll have to imagine it. The main theme would sound like folk music with a mid tempo. Think of Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles and you'll get the idea. The guitar solos (I love guitar solos) would be after the choruses. They'll be long and slow, but very robust.

So here it is... Enjoy!

It was oh so real, it should have been a dream
Driving down the road, listening to Bruce Springsteen
Leaving my troubles and my worries far behind
Oh Babe, I've got the Sunset Strip on my mind.

Hollywood Boulevard calls us for a run
Can't slow down, we are having so much fun
Holding hands, watching the ocean at Laguana Beach
The dolphins may play, always just out of our reach

The road leads to the heart of the Saddlebacks
Out our backs watching the stars make their tracks
Calm is the air at night, making love so right
In my arms, in my soul, holding you tight

I'm so excited
She's so excited

She's my girl from California

A song from my heart and and song from my soul
Comes the morning light I know I must go
Flying above the friendly skies, flying the United
Our hearts grow together, never divided

Darkness falls, the sunset shall bring a new day
When the dawn comes, I'll shall be on my way
From your beautiful eyes, wipe the tears away
With love in my heart, I'll return someday

Your eyes, your smile, your love shall remain in my mind
I'm coming back because I left my heart behind....

I can't hide it
She can't hide it

She's my girl from California

And I love her so....


Bar L. said...

Its beautiful, sweetheart

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Diggin' the new blog. Nice lyrics! I'm not surprised that Barbara inspired them, as you know, she's a special lady. :-)

drewzepmeister said...

Barbara-Thanks! You're my inspiration.:)

Mike-She is VERY special!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Very nice! I'm so happy for the two of you.

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks Linda!

Austin0431 said...

Nice song!

drewzepmeister said...

Austin, thanks!