Sunday, October 2, 2011

Packers Week #4

The Denver Broncos got spanked by the Green Bay Packers 49-23 at Lambeau Field this afternoon.

Here are my thoughts of the game...

The Packers pretty much dominated the game.

Besides one tipped pass that got intercepted, Aaron Rodgers was picture perfect today.

Over 400 yards in passing, four thrown TD passes and 2 ran in... Aaron Rodgers was on fire!

If the Broncos had played against someone else, I think they could have won. They are not to shabby of a team...

Broncos QB, Kyle Orten got picked off twice.

The Packers are now 4-0. Along with the surprising Detroit Lions, they remain undefeated....

More on the game here

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Tender Heart Bear said...

Man I wish I would have seen this game. I would have really loved to see the Bronco's get spanked by the Packers. The Bronco's deserved it too.