Friday, November 11, 2011

Black Sabbath Reunites!

I just learned this from a couple of music blogs that the original lineup of Black Sabbath has reunited for an upcoming album and a tour in 2012. SWEET! After 33 years of "waiting" I finally could a chance to see this legendary lineup. Hope they come to Milwaukee...

The group's new ninth studio album will be produced by Rick Rubin, who also appeared at the press conference. The four band members are currently recording it and have not yet announced a title. "We've written about seven or eight songs .. and they're really good," Osbourne said at the press conference. "I'm not just saying that. I'm like, 'Woah!'" "Tony's come up with like, absolutely incredible music," Butler added. "It really is back to the old Sabbath style and sound."

What's ironic about this reunion of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward is where their announcement conference took place-at Los Angeles' Whisky A GoGo on 11/11/11, the place of Sabbath's first American concert, exactly 41 years beforehand! What a trip!

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