Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrift Store Shoppin'

Haven't been to the library so much lately. Thrift store shopping seems the thing to do in the winter. At the moment, we're shopping for a dresser for Kimmy. Haven't found anything suitable, yet. However, I've found some albums, some of them may be collectables...

Alabama: Greatest Hits
Alabama: Christmas
Alabama: Just Us
Ass Ponys: Electric Rock Music
Bay City Rollers: Rock n' Roll Love Letter
Beach Boys: Surfin' Safari (Capitol)
Beach Boys: (s/t) (Pickwick)
Beach Boys: Wow! A Great Concert! (Pickwick)
Beach Boys: Best of the Beach Boys Vol.2 (Capitol)
Beach Boys: Good Vibrations (Pickwick)
Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode (Pickwick)
Chuck Berry: Flashback (Pickwick)
Pat Benetar: Precious Time
Pat Benetar: Get Nervous
Chicago: O Christmas Three
Jim Croce: Photographs & Memories
Jim Croce: Time in a Bottle
Daughtry: (s/t)
Charlie Daniels: The Door
Charlie Daniels: Steel Witness
Def Leppard: Mirrorball Live & More!
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: The Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Glen Frey: Live
Grand Funk: All the Girls in the World, Beware!
Grassroots: Temptation Eyes
Great White: Psycho City
Guess Who: American Woman
Guess Who: The Best of the Guess Who
Bill Haley & the Comets: Rock & Roll
Sophie B. Hawkins: Whaler
Indigo Girls: (s/t)
Indigo Girls: Rites of Passage
Jars of Clay: Furthermore: From the Studio/From the Stage
Billy Joel: Piano Man
Billy Joel: The Stranger
Billy Joel: The Nylon Curtain
Billy Joel: River of Dreams
Journey: Eclipse
Kinks: Greatest Hits
Huey Lewis and the News: Small World
Little Feat: Feats Don't Fail Me Now
Little Feat: Time Loves a Hero
Lovin' Spoonful: The Greatest Hits
Petra: Wake-Up Call
Phish: A Live One
Poco: Deliverin'
Rush: Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland
Rusted Root: When I Woke
Sonny and Cher: Mama was A Rock and Roll Singer, Papa Used to Write all Her Songs
Ringo Starr: Y Not
Rod Stewart: Smilin'
Styx: Edge of the Century
Tears for Fears: Raoul and the Kings of Spain
Derek Trucks Band: Joyful Noise
Van Halen; A Different Kind of Truth
Velvet Underground: The Best of Velvet Underground-The Words and Music of Lou Reed
White Lion: Mane Attraction
Wilson Phillips: (s/t)
Neil Young: Journey Through the Past
ZZ Top: Live From Texas

Remember the Bay City Rollers? How about Sonny and Cher? My girlfriend picked them out, along with the Alabama and some Kenny Rodgers. Not exactly a huge fan. Given the rarity of these records, I figured why not? The Rush, Van Halen, Journey and ZZ Top are new releases.


TAD said...

Hey Drew -- thanks 2 my new web-browser, I can actually READ you now! I haven't been able 2 read your blog for MONTHS! Jeez, I didn't know you had palm trees here....
Looks like you got a pretty good haul from the thrift shops. The title song on ROCK AND ROLL LOVE LETTER has always been 1 of my faves. The Beach Boys' albums have all got some great stuff. Pat Benatar's PRECIOUS TIME has a great 1st side & "Hard to Believe" over on Side 2's a classic. & you can't lose with ELP. & that's all I can remember....
Now that I can actually READ you again, I'll be hanging out here more often....
& thanx again 4 all the folks you've sent my way....

drewzepmeister said...

Hey Tad! The palm tree pics were taken back in '09 at Laguna Beach, California during my visit there.

I've been going to thrift shops more often lately. My girlfriend loves 'em, so therefore it's win-win situation. The Little Feat albums won me over...