Thursday, May 6, 2010

JTI Spring Gathering

Here we are, all gathered again. The JTI Springtime Gathering. This time to honor Beejay coming up from Florida to introduce her beau, Mr. Dan. Many of us came out and had a good time. Had a couple of drinks, good tacos and shared a few laughs.

Lizardmom, her husband, and their daughter-Froglover, showed me their ideas for the future of the best of Racine posts. SER cracked some good jokes. kkdither was all smiles and laughs. Orbs Corbs and I chatted about family. Dog Addicts and her husband talked up a storm! Mr. Dan got Beejay blushing with pride about the fun they had...All in all I had a great time! I love these guys! Yes, Mr. Dan looks great in a sombrero!

BTW, where was Madame Zoltar?

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