Friday, April 30, 2010

Riding the Tide

Every now and then I write songs/poems. Usually it's when I have something inspired to write about. I haven't written anything since My Girl From California last year. This is my latest piece. It starts off mellow to a climax, the last verse bringing it down. Enjoy!

Riding the Tide

Softly the winds blow-breaking the stride
Our love is still there-way deep inside
Love and the passion-we could not hide
Set sail on the sea-love on our minds

We are together-it feels so right
The sun is shining-the rays so bright
Our love is the anchor-onward we might
The sails are open-ship's taking flight

Hollow fateful day-words broken truth
Was churning the sea-that was so smooth
The darkness may fall-bringing the gloom
Blinded by the dark-to see it through

The winds from the west-bringing the rain
The harsh words that sting-bringing the pain
The sails are breaking-nothing's the same
Was everything-broken in vain?

Broken and betrayed-twisted inside
Tossing and turning-riding the tide
Yearning for our love-hurting inside
Waiting for the ebbs-to flow and reside

The sea is raging...
The sea is raging...
And storm blows through the night

Way deep down inside-you were so right
Even the darkness-even the night
Can we find a way-to make it right?
That's because our love-still burns inside....

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