Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Rush Songs

To prepare for their upcoming Time Machine Tour that starts June 29, 2010, Rush pre-released two new songs. Caravan and BU2B only on iTunes. These songs are slated to be released on their upcoming album "Clockwork Angels" due soon.



bearockr said...

Hey there Drew ! Nice to come back to your blog after all these couple of months ! And seeing the above Video of BU2B, by one of my most Fav. bands, was a treat for my ears ! But, though, Rush now sounded quite a bit different as they used to earlier... It was much like a metal kind of a Song, as per the distortion they used, but it was a good change too overall ...

drewzepmeister said...

Arjit, long time, no see my friend!!!! How the hell you've been?

The thing I love about Rush is the fact they EVOLVE. If you were to listen to their first album in 1973 and compare it to now, you'll notice a major difference in sound, yet they have kept their integrity as musicians. To me it's been a blast watching them grow.

BTW, I saw them twice in concert and I'm stoked about seeing them again next month!