Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of Authors and Obama

Today was a rather interesting day for me. After a morning business trip to Milwaukee, my friend and I stopped at a local restaurant to have some lunch. While there, we met an upcoming and inspiring author. Her name was Laura Greenway. Our conversation was pleasant and enjoyable. She spoke of her upcoming debut book titled "New Life". This book is still being published and is due out Friday at Barnes and Noble. Our conversation turned towards President Obama's visit to Racine. Yeah, she met him twice.

While we were there, breaking news arrived on TV informing us that the Air Force One had arrived at the Milwaukee airport. Taking a cue to an opportunity that I should not miss, I stopped at home to pick up my camera. I'm not political, but what the hell? You only live once.

Downtown Racine was packed with revelers hoping to get a glimpse of our president. Streets were blocked off to traffic. Dump trucks blockaded key streets (presumably to ward of possible attacks), helicopters guarded the sky. It was like a circus out there. There was no way getting close to any action out there. Somehow I figured out the motorcade route out of town. Down Main Street to Hwy 20 then I-94 to back to Milwaukee. I staged myself on Main street to take a few picks...

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