Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in Business!!!!!!!

Nice comfy chair....check
Cigarettes and ashtray...check
Can of Pepsi....check
Computer plugged in...check
Windows 7 downloaded...check
Firefox running....check
Blogs up and running....check

Well folks, guess what?

I'm back in business!

YEEE HAAAA! The glowing rays are radiating my eyes, soaking them in the afterglow. I'm feeling the warm euphoria flowing inside of me. The withdrawals are receding...The convulsions have stopped. Revival is here!

After three weeks of battling against the Hewitt Peckard technical dummies over imaginary recovery discs, I admitted defeat. Dismayed by the lack of progress, I took my business to Harbor PC in West Racine. A few days later, my computer was fixed. The hard drive was replaced and parts of the motherboard fixed. The computer runs like a champ now. All I have to do now is tweak my Firefox add-ons, get used to Windows 7 and organize my pics.

Now to catch up on the blogs.......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better since you have your computer back. I am really glad too!