Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harley Davidson to Leave Milwaukee?

Say that this isn't so... I picked up the paper this morning, to my disbelief, read in bold headlines that the Harley Davidson plant MAY be leaving Milwaukee---for Kansas City. I was shocked! The rising labor costs may be forcing this world renowned motorcycle company out of state. Not only the loss of 1,360 high paying jobs will be affected, but the loss of tourism as well.

Harley-Davidson means a much to Milwaukee as beer and brats do. A symbol of my state, like cheese and the Green Bay Packers. The loyalty among Wisconsinites towards our culture is great. We are fanatics of what we believe in. We guzzle our beer like water, eat our bratwurst with pure glutton and put cheese on everything we eat. Hell, we even pray to the Packers gods for our wins. Why should we treat Harley-Davidson any differently? Harley Davidson has been an icon in the Wisconsin community for 107 years!

I remember hearing about the 100th Anniversary of Harley Davidson. Literary HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of bikers made a pilgrimage to Milwaukee! Stories of the I-94 Interstate shutting down for a parade of bikers and Bruce Springsteen playing in Milwaukee filled my ears. I could go on and on about these "hogs" featured in countless numbers of Hollywood movies and the celebrities that own them. Goes to show how much of influence of Harleys have on our society!

I don't own a Harley, yet I wish I did. I think it would be fun to take a ride on one of these babies with a lady on the back wrapping her arms around my waist as we ride! Wind flowing through my blasting "Born to be Wild".......


Anonymous said...

Yea we know how much you would love to have a Harley. We all would love to have one. If they move Harley the town will go down hill. That is mainly what Milwaukee has going for them. But then what would happen with the rest of the sub stores for Harley would they all get shut down along with the main one.

drewzepmeister said...

Anonymous-From my understanding, the HD headquarters would remain in Milwaukee while the plant operations would move. As far as merchandising and bike sales go, I wouldn't worry about that. It wouldn't matter where HD goes, they'll be able to sell.

I do see a growing trend in businesses leaving SE Wisconsin. Here in my hometown of Racine, a few place like Walker Forge, JI Case and Color Arts ever have left or shut down operations. Thank God, we still have Johnson Wax, Twin Disc and In-Sink-Erator!