Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tornado Hits Racine!

A strong October storm ripped through the area this morning bringing an F-2 tornado to the southwest side of Racine. (I live on the the north side) From what I heard, the tornado came and went very quickly. Without warning, the twister ripped the roof off the Holland Case factory on Highway 11, leveled a barn off its foundations and downed trees and power lines. Many motorists were trapped in their vehicles because of the power lines.

Only minor injuries were reported.

I was at work when this happened....

I did not take these pictures. Got them off of my local newspaper. I was too tired from work to be chasing around taking pics.

More on the story in the The Journal Times.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

WOW! My mother is flying through Chicago today and was concerned about the weather. I thought she was just being old.

drewzepmeister said...

Linda, the weather was quite bad all around. The last I heard, was a hour delay for flights in Chicago. Over 200 minutes for Minneapolis!

Anonymous said...

Yes the storm was really bad yesterday. Gilmore school's electric went out and the kids went home early. I just hope they all got home safe. I just couldn't believe what I read in the paper yesterday online. That was really something else. I just hope no one was really injured with that storm. The one thing that really gets me about the storm is the barn coming off the foundation. Also so close to home that this all happened. I guess all I can say about the storm is the people that I love are all safe.

You always take real good pictures of everything. I bet if you would have taken pictures for this blog they would have been a lot better ones. I know with you working overtime you just want to stay home and rest. But you have a real good eye for real good pictures.