Saturday, October 23, 2010


It has been a long and crazy past couple of weeks working overtime. I've been putting in ten hour days and coming home tired and exhausted.

Yet there were plenty of surprises! First, an offer to work at my position on second shift. I know that sounds like a crazy idea. For the longest time, I was trying to get away from the insanity of first shift. More or less, I've been trying get a good quality day's work without having to kill myself to achieve my goals.

Lately, things are getting better as teamwork goes. Things are going more smoothly. So, I declined the offer.

Being there for my family had a lot to with my decision.

The biggest shocker came the other day after I came home from work. I was greeted by two gentlemen looking like cops looking for ME! I don't know how they found me, but these guys are representatives of a union. I was floored! I've been working here for 23 years without a union, so therefore I really don't have a clue to what is like to work with a union. So WHY now?

As we talked for a half an hour outside on my porch, these guys were selling me their punchline. They were talking about employee protection, increase in wages, seniority fairness, and so forth.
I admit, they've got my interest...

Why? My company may be rather small, but we generated three million dollars last month in profits. Where the money goes, I don't know... My pay after 23 years there is same as the starting wage as similar area companies. Plus there are issues about favoritism, benefits, and sick pay....

Yet, I'm skeptical...Why? I've heard of stories of companies packing up and leaving because of unions. Plus, I'm not sure how the management is going to react to all this... Guess I'm going to have to wait and see how this going to work out...

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