Sunday, October 3, 2010

Party on the Pavement

Yesterday, I went to one of Racine's biggest festivals, the Party on the Pavement. Although the weather was a balmy 57 degrees chilled by strong northern winds, thousands of revelers crowded the streets of downtown. Donning on a jacket to stay warm, I wandered the closed off streets aimlessly, soaking in the sights. Stores were open to customers. The taverns were full. Merchants sold brats and beer on the streets. Several bands played out there in the cold. Vendors showed off their art. I had a great time! Ran into some old friends.

The top story of the event was the Ferris wheel getting stuck. It took firefighters over two hours to get everyone down. I felt sorry for those who got stuck up there.

Getting rescued on the Ferris wheel

Revelers crowd Main Street

Clock sculptures on display

AD/DC tribute band, Razor's Edge, plays at the Monument Square

A rainbow to end a wonderful day!

For more photos and stories of the Party on the Pavement, check out the Racine Post.


Anonymous said...

I was so happy that the people go off the Ferris Wheel safe. The firemen really went out of there way to help them. I don't know what we would do without them. I know it took them a real long time to get the people off. The kids are also lucky there was a fireman on the Ferris Wheel talking to them and keeping the calm.

I had a real good time at Party on the Pavement. Yes it was windy and cold but getting out and walking around it was worth it. That was something different for me I was never to that. That was actually fun for me.

Like always your pictures turned real good. I really like the one of the rainbow. Looking at the rainbow that night was a great way to end a perfect day for me.

drewzepmeister said...

Glad that you had a great time,anonymous!