Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fantasy Football Update....

My fantasy football season came to an end this week. Yep. I'm done, belly up, kaplut! I didn't even make the playoffs. My record for the season was 6-7. Oh well...better than last year....

The standings are...

Hale-Bopp's Half -Astrophysicists 10-3
SER's Potato Heads 9-4
Real Debate Wisconsin's The Debate Team 8-5
Homemomof2 8-5
kkdither's KK Krunchers 7-6
RW Wacko Stu's Fighting Mongrels 7-6
drewzepmeister's Racine Irregulars 6-7
Orbs Corbs's Orbliterators 4-9
forgetfarve 3-10
Milwaukee Machine 3-10

Next year I plan on drafting Superman for quarterback. Quicksilver and The Flash for running backs. Airbud for a wide receiver. On defense, The Hulk. Maybe I'll win a few more games...

Good luck to all that made the playoffs!

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