Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, my 300th blog post! A way to end the year! Certainly a different ending from last year... As I recall, I was watching the Three Stooges Marathon with my son last year. All alone and depressed.

This year, I've got barbecue chicken pizza, cheese and crackers, cookies and other goodies on the kitchen table. My girlfriend, her daughter and my son are waiting me to play a game of cards on table. I'm enjoying myself for a change.

How did I get this way?

Last January saw a depression surrounding me. Heartbroken and alone. Found myself chasing dreams that I'll never see...

In February, a horrible and criminal incident occurred between my family and friends. Something too terrible to blog about just yet. Mostly because the case is STILL open and may go to trial. What I can say is that it put me into a tug o'war position in having to chose sides when I'm trying to remain objective..

From March to June, slowly I was able to climb up from the depths and regain myself. I focused on trying just to being ME again..

June was a turn of events. I finally said goodbye to my past. I didn't want to at first, but I HAD to. I needed the peace between the heart and mind. Shorty after, I started seeing a lady from northern Wisconsin. This woman just rolled up her sleeves and jumped into this relationship. No questions asked, no second thoughts and no drama. She has an uncanny ability in keeping me together. I feel loved, spoiled and treated like a king.

In July, I saw Yes and Rush in concert at Summerfest. Both great shows!

Between August-December, I made frequent road trips Up North seeing my girlfriend and my family. My girlfriend and I eventually moved in together. I even spent the holidays with my family, the first time in years! I feel more alive and happier than I've been in a LONG time...

2011 sounds quite promising....

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Anonymous said...

Well Babe I hope that last Year you really enjoyed it. I know I did when we first met. You really make me so Happy and being with you for the Holidays made it the best year for me. I just hope this year will be even better for the both of us. I Love You so much Babe!♥