Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to My "Granddaugther"

I've mentioned about her before on my blog that I have a "granddaughter". Biologically she isn't my granddaughter, but she might as well be. How do I explain this? Well, my granddaughter's mother is my ex-wife's niece. My ex-wife and I raised her as if she our child, since she was four years till she was 20, when we got divorced. So to speak, she is like a daughter to me. (You get me so far?) Anyways, my granddaughter turned four years old today. She is cute little girl and and a bundle of energy. I really don't how anyone could keep up with her, yet the smile on my face is ear to ear when she calls me Gampa.

Anyways, my girlfriend and I had a cookout to celebrate her forth birthday. Along with our own kids (my son and her youngest daughter) we had burgers, brats and of course, cake! A good time was held by all....

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john said...

The young lady is too cute for words! Happy,awesome Rock Roots birthday to her!