Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My New Blog

Ok, so I have a new blog. After a year of laboring over DrewTube, posting daily from A-Z. I'm finding myself finishing off Cheap Trick. Having about 4,000 albums plus at least a dozen coming in every couple weeks, I'm thinking this getting to be way to long to finish. (After figuring out the math at least ten years). I needed another format, something quicker and more to the point, therefore I have come up with Drew's Collection of Songs to Dance to. I'm kinda hyped about this blog. Not only it will feature my albums and bootlegs, it will also feature songs that are on them (carefully written out by my speedy fingered girlfriend- gotta love her), album rankings and the format that I have them on.

At first glance, one would notice it's a little "backwards", meaning I'm starting from the end and working my way to the beginning. There is a reason for the madness. Images, as many people know are not exactly blogger friendly. It can be a pain in the ass to constantly drag down an image to get where it needs to be placed. To eliminate this issue, I figured why not start from the bottom and work my way to the top. I know it sounds Polish, but it is a effective answer to a tedious problem.

If you noticed the URL says something about day by day survival, ignore it. It's an old and depressing blog that I'd written from my personal needs. I have gotten past that stage of depression and I really don't need to be reminded of the shit anymore, so I hit the delete button. Anyways salvaging whats left of it, I created a new title and started my new blog. Saves me the hassle of creating a new account for a new blog.

Anyways it will still take me awhile to finish this. By posting about 25-30 albums a crack will save me years of time and make it a hell a lot easier to make more entries as new records keep coming in. Check it out! I hope you enjoy it. It has been much labor, love and passion that went into my music, feel free to leave any comments, questions or dialogues if you want. Thanks!


Zee said...

It seems like an awesome blog, and a very good idea!

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks Zee!