Thursday, September 8, 2011

Packers Week #1

My beloved team-the defending Super Bowl champs Green Bay Packers defeated the New Orleans Saints in this explosive season opener 42-34 at Lambeau Field. What a game! The Pack looked to have the game wrapped up in the first quarter before the Saints came alive with Drew Brees' quickfire passes.

Here are my thoughts of the game:

1) The Packers are clearly still a HOT team! Aaron Rodgers passes are like lightning!

2) Make no doubt, New Orleans is a GREAT team. The do have a lot of weapons in their arsenal.

3) Packer seemed to have a running game going (finally) with two good running backs at their disposal.

4) Special teams on both sides of the field have stepped up. Their were two kick off returns in the game.

5) Neither quarterbacks made an interception.

All in all it was an awesome game, a great way to start the season!

More on the game here.


Perplexio said...

I really think the NFC will come down to the Packers or the Eagles. Barring any catastrophic injuries or turns of events I don't forsee any other teams in the NFC having as dominant rosters as those 2 teams.

In the AFC I think New England will regain its spot as the team to beat-- especially with the Colts playing without Manning and I don't think the Steelers have quite returned to their Super Bowl winning form of a few years back yet.

As much as I love my Browns, I'll be realistic about them. I think they'll improve substantially this season but will continue just below .500 (I'm predicting a 6-10 or 7-9 season for them-- either way an improvement over their past 2 4-12 seasons and something to build on for next season).

Tender Heart Bear said...

Yes Drew that was an awesome game for the Packers. This was a great season opener for the Packers. But one thing is they do have some really good teams ahead of them.

Rodgers's passes yes they were really good. I just hope he can keep it up all season long.

It is about time they have some kind of a running game.

One thing you did forget to mention here is the kickoff that ended up into a touchdown. I thought that was really awesome.

drewzepmeister said...

You may be right Perplexo. I'd keep an eye out for Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, the Jets, San Diego, Baltimore and Houston as well.

The rising teams are Detroit, Buffalo, St. Louis and Cleveland.

Admittedly Tender Heart, I have high hopes for the Packers. They do against some high caliber teams this like Atlanta and Chicago. Should be a great season...