Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Got Tickets!

Wooohooo! I've got tickets to go see Rush for the third time! I'm totally stoked for this show! With so many concerts to see this summer and Summerfest has a hell of great line-up this year, I was forced to limit myself to whom I should see. So Rush pretty much came out on top. (Thanks to a special friend ;) in helping me to decide)

This tour should be a great one! From I've read from various blogs, the band plans to play the entire Moving Pictures album, some new and unreleased material, and an old classic "Jacob's Ladder". That's just a small part of a three hour show with two sets and no back up band!

The tickets I've got are decent. I've been to the Marcus Ampitheater quite a few times. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. My seats are in the rear reserved (yellow), section 4, aisle P, seats 32 and 33. The prices weren't too shabby. About $70 a piece.

I plan on having a great time. I hope to see some friends there. (Some whom you may know) I will be blogging about this show...

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