Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Live Love Laugh

I've heard this saying many times before. In the light of our over exhausting world, we seem to be failing to slow down and really see the world around us. I go to work each day with demands of more production and more responsibilities than the day before. Then I come home to a world of cell phones, computers, cable TV and the responsibility of taking care of a thirteen year old boy. Sometimes the rushing never stops.

We seem to live in a world of bigger, better, faster and more. High speed technology was taken us to the furthermost corners of the globe in a heartbeat. We have microwaves that can zap our meals in seconds. We have digital cable that can receive hundreds of TV shows that we never watch. There more options out there than ever. More things to buy. More music to choose from. All off the internet! Decisions, decisions!

In the end, are we really satisfied? Has all this technology and pushing ourselves over the limit brought us happiness? Have they really made our lives easier? Not always. Sometimes things get a little more complicated.

There are many times I'd just rather sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise. Go down to the lake and watch the waves go by. Take a walk in the woods and feel the breeze. I want to live better with myself. Have the love that I want. Laugh a little the silly stuff.


Susan said...

Is this your art work?

drewzepmeister said...

No Susan, I wish it was... Thanks for asking...:)

Fabiola Abissa said...

totally true. we are constantly running after so many complicated things that we think can make us happy when truly happiness can be as simple as sitting and not doing nothing except enjoing ourselves, or doing what we like, things that matter to us as human beings.
nice article and blog