Sunday, January 9, 2011

Packers Week #18 NFC Wild Card Playoff

The Green Bay Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles 21-16 in this playoff game.

Here are my thoughts of the game.

The Packers played an impressive defense, sacking Philly's QB Micheal Vick a couple of times.
QB Aaron Rodgers threw for three touchdowns.
The Pack finally had a running game-rookie James Starks ran for 101 yards.
Philly's kicker David Ackers missed two field goals.
All in all, I thought it was a great game, both teams played well.

Green Bay goes against top seeded Atlanta next week. Pray that the Packers win again...

More the the game here.

I wonder what Seano has to say about this game,,,


Perplexio said...

I was 1 for 4 with my Wild Card predictions for this weekend. The only one I got right was Baltimore beating Kansas City.

I knew the Green Bay/Philly game would be close but I was expecting it to be close with Philly ekiing out the victory. I bet their kicker wants to be traded/leave Philly now. Eagles fans are not at all kind to their "goats." And missing those 2 FGs makes him quite the goat for yesterday's loss.

Atlanta has been lucky this season. They've had a lot of close games go their way. Their luck can only hold out so long. They'll be tough to beat but I think Green Bay can beat them.

Chicago will make short work of the Seahawks next weekend setting the stage for a Bears/Packers NFC Championship game.

The Pittsburgh/Baltimore game could go either way. Both teams hate each other. They're divisional rivals... I expect an all-out street fight. Being a Browns fan, I don't like either team so I don't care which wins. I'll give a slight edge to Baltimore. I think they're hungrier than the Steelers.

And the Jets/Patriots game... I expect a Patriots win and giving what a loudmouth Rex Ryan is, I'm hoping for an all out Jets embarassment. I want the Patriots to completely blow out the Jets.

For the AFC Championship game I expect a Baltimore/New England rematch (Baltimore upset New England early in the playoffs last year) with New England winning this time.

Super Bowl will be New England vs. Chicago or Green Bay. The Packers and the Bears are so evenly matched I wouldn't venture a guess as to who will win the NFC Championship to face the Patriots... But I don't believe there's any team in the AFC who can beat the Patriots right now.

Anonymous said...

This weeks games I am 2 for 2 in my picking. The New Orleans game was really sad for me. I never thought that Seattle would beat New Orleans. Then there was the Packers and Philly. I lost that one also but I have to say that the Packers had there game together from the start. Philly wasn't with it the whole game. Yes I am being nice to the Packers even though I am a Bears fan. The Baltimore and Kansas City game was a good game too. But that one I did win. Then the Indy and Pitts game I won too.

I agree with Perplexio about the Packers and Bears NFC game. I wouldn't care which one would go to the Superbowl either. They are both good teams to be in the Superbowl. But for the AFC I would have to say New England and Pittsburgh. I can see the in the playoffs for the AFC. But I do see New England going to the Superbowl for the AFC.

I do have to say that the Packers do have there work cut out for them this week. I just do hope they win the game.

drewzepmeister said...

3 for 1 for me, the only game that I "lost" was the Seattle/New Orleans. I agree with both of your choices in the playoff runs.