Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Man, am I stuffed! Just got back from another cunning ninja raid on my girlfriend's homemade Christmas cookies. Stealthily grabbing cookies when her back is turned. Until...I get caught.

"Are you into my Christmas cookies again?" she asks.
"Nope" I mumbled with a mouthful of a delicious treat, wondering if she knew that I had five more of them in my hand behind my back and two stuffed in each pocket.
"They are for CHRISTMAS!" she scolds, "Take ONE and leave the rest for our relatives."
Grabbing one, I slipped away to safety with my bounty...

The tradition continuous... Last year, my girlfriend held up the kitchen baking almost 30 dozen cookies from 12 different recipes. She had peanut butter blossoms, potato chip cookies, Goldfish drops, holiday bars, peanut butter cookies and of course, my favorite, a double batch of chocolate chip cookies stuffed in nook and cranny in the freezer. A seemingly endless supply of cookies... Think she'll miss a few? I hope not, because I love 'em!

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Tender Heart Bear said...

You shouldn't steal the cookies if they are for you to share with friends and family. I understand that you love the homemade cookies but trying to be a ninja and steal them will catch up with you. You better watch out.