Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dance to the Piper

Here's one of my favorite songs/poems I wrote many years ago. Called Dance to the Piper. Enjoy!

I filled my seasons with emotions
They all came together again
My love starts to bloom once again
It's hard to realize winter's gone

Come baby, come live with me
Let's sit down and have a smile
Don't you realize it babe
It's just only you and me

When the piper's call to lead the way
Then we shall turn to his way
Don't you know the hardest part
Is loving you?

What is it to lead us to reason
And what do we really know?
So please lady come and join me
To be together once again

Through tress full of color
We followed the piper's call
As the wind whistles in the trees
We be on our forever journey....

The snow is falling
Life's cold and barren
The street's seem empty
How can love be here?
Let me tell you babe
It's from me to you
Just look and you'll find
That path towards love
Heard a voice in the wind
It calls me back home to you...

When the piper calls
He has a reason...

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Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Nice! One of my tattoos is of Kokopelli.