Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiss to Release a New Album

Today, heavy metal rock band, Kiss announced the release of their new album of new material in 11 years. Their new album "Sonic Boom" is too be released at Wal-Mart only on October 6.

I think it's great that Kiss is putting out a new album. What I don't get, is why would any band subject to selling their product in one chain of stores only? Too me, the wider the range, the better the chances of selling a product. Bands like the Eagles, AC/DC, and Foreigner have done this already. All with lackluster sales. I prefer to go to a Best Buy and buy a CD from there where selections are larger and better. But why at just at Wal-Mart? Can anybody explain this?


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Because Gene Simmons thinks he can make more money that way. This is the band that toured with stand-ins wearing other player's makeup. All they care about is money anymore.

Bar L. said...

The bottom line is always money when it comes to these deals and its very disappointing to me. It seem like it would be counter-productive since a lot of people refuse to shop at Walmart these days.

Mike said...


The Eagles and AC/DC CD both did quite well with this deal. The artist is placing the product in a store that will sell T-shirts and other artist related items alongside the CD. Lets face it. The only people that buy CD's are people over 30 now. Its a digital world and most over 30's end up shopping at Walmart. Protest or not, its still the retail monster to beat out there.

When you think of Kiss, you think of cross promotional items. Kiss Kaskets, Kiss Kondoms....etc....Where else would Uncle Gene want to hawk his KISS wares????

Its walmart!