Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will Only the Strong Survive?

Here's my anti-war song that I wrote many years ago. I still like it.

Will Only the Strong Survive?

The all in lost integrity
Will the blind man again see?
Lost his blue eyes to the flame
Oh are the guns to blame?

The sight of staving millions
With death their only vision
All the warheads kissed the sky
Warlords let out their battle cry...

Will the reaper claim his toll
On the seeds that have been sown?
Will only the strong survive
Or will we must surely die?

The mad policitions's dream
Is a young man's scream
Tears fall from the young man's eyes
Did he really want to die?

Bodies lie on the ground, torn in two
Madmen have their guns pointed right on you
Out of the streets, the dirt and grime
Guns in their hands, this ain't no crime - (or is it?)

We are all victims of certain circumstances
Our fates lie whenever we take our chances
Backs against the wall, kicked in the face
Another victim of the human race

We all are children of our mother's birth
When will the meek shall inherit the earth?
Destroy ourselves and our mothers cry
Just to watch her children die...

As the soldiers dance on the landmines
Politicions says this land is mine
Dead soldiers bathe in their own blood
A feast for the scavengers who would

The murder victim's screams pay no heed
The starving children hold there hands out in need
Dieing soldiers fall screaming in agony
Is this what their mothers wanted to see?

Will only the strong survive
Or we must surely die?

I know it's a bit morbid, but I can't stand the senseless acts of violence....

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