Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cry of Love

There is one band I've been listening to a lot of lately is called the Cry of Love. This southern jam rock band came into the scene in the early 90's with their debut album "Brother." They broke the airwaves with tunes like Bad Thing and Highway Jones. Unfortunately, their lead singer, Kelly Howland, left the band after the first album and was replaced by Robert Mason on their second album, Diamonds + Debris. That album yielded some good tunes like Sugarcane and Georgia Pine. Unfortunately the band split up after the second effort. Guitarist Audley Freed soon joined the Black Crowes for their album Lions and did his time for the Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes tour. This first video is Broken Toy, a song not on any album from them. The other one, Highway Jones, I just love it.


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