Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still Thinking of Her

I still think of her quite often. Trying not to. It's hard... All it takes is a song, a photo, something on TV, a sight around town, a plane in the sky and the memories come rushing back. Many good memories... A memory of a love so strong that I thought it could conquer all.

The pain of loss is still there. I don't know if it would ever go away... Still trying to pick up the pieces and move on... The sadness is still in my heart. Some days are better than others.


Bar L. said...

You should not have cheated and lied - you would still have her.

happy hippy chick said...

Drew, Things can get better and will, you need to have patience. The right person is out there and waiting for you, and it will be someone who loves you for who you are and be able to TRUST you for the genuine person I know you to be. Remember, that if you REALLY and TRUELY love someone ANYTHING can be forgiven and overcome over time. Both parties have to be willing to comprimise, PROMISE and TRUST the other person not to hurt one and other ever again. You are a very caring and loving person and very giving of yourself and I know how you felt about that certain someone. Hopefully she will realize the gem that she had and see the whole picture... And if she doesnt, it's not the end of the world. Right now, the both of you were hurt in one way or another and it will take time, patience and above all LOVE if you can work things out. I hope for the best because I know how much you love her and care about her, and know how much you could change things.