Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take it Easy

Sorry that I've been blogging a lot lately. It's been kinda like therapy to me lately-just letting it all out. I've been listening to a lot of my stuff lately (see sidebar) .I have it set for a certain station and it's bringing me back memories of how cool classic rock is. I missed it so much!

As I was listening to this station, one of my favorite bands came up. The Eagles. I remember seeing the Eagles at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI during their 1994 Hell Freezes Over Tour. It's only an hour drive (or less) from where I live. Anyways, it was a GREAT show! The vibes were unbelievable! It was like a peaceful, easy feeling. The audience was singing along with the music so loud that Don Henley announced that " Do we have to sing?" And that included their solo stuff! It was the most laid back concerts that I have ever been to. And YES, I do have a copy of this show in my music collection.


bearockr said...

Hey . that's really great you gotta see the Eagles live ! By that one line you said above :"Do we need to sing", I just can imagine how wonderful the concert would have been !

drewzepmeister said...

It was so surreal, its beyond words. Just hearing the audience singing away to "New Kid in Town" gave me the goosebumps!

classicrockforthesoul said...

Love, love, love that oldie-but-goodie concert!!

I paid an arm and a leg to see them last year--I even had to drive four hours away and was going directly into the eye of Hurricane Ike--but it was fantastic!!

They're pretty much my all-time favorite band ever, and, as you can see, I did almost anything to see them.