Sunday, November 22, 2009

Packers Week# 11

The Packers trashed the San Francisco 40Whiners (I can say that, right?) today 30-24 at Lambeau Field. The Pack dominated the 49ers with a near perfect game in the first half. San Francisco nearly came back in the second half. More on the game here.


Perplexio said...

My Browns snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yesterday in a spectacularly humiliating so close so close and yet so far 38-37 loss to the Detroit Lions.

It hearkened back to the Butch Davis era when they played well enough every game (the 2001-2004 seasons)that it came down to the final 2 minutes... and then would they would often lose anyway.

During this era backup QB, Kelly Holcomb had 2 games where he threw for over 400 yards (one of which was a playoff game against the Steelers) and the Browns still managed to lose BOTH of those games despite Holcomb's heroic efforts.

Most of their games this season haven't even been close. To lose in the final seconds is more frustrating than it is humiliating.

drewzepmeister said...

Kinda reminds me of the Bart Starr coached Packers. As well as Forrest Gregg and Lindsey Infante led Pack. Yep, they were that bad then