Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nope, I Didn't Go

Nope, I didn't go the the benefit that I wanted to go to. Instead, I got stuck at home watching my son while my ex-wife deals with my "daughter's" issues.

Apparently, she got kicked out of her bio-mother's house (no surprise here) She is a sweet girl with a kind heart. But make no mistake-this girl here is a drama queen. She is very opinionated and her free speaking mind often gets herself into trouble. When this happens, this 24 year girl gets herself into a jam and expects everyone to get her out her out of it. This is NOT how I raised her. I admit, I'm ashamed of this.

To further explain her situation, I met AC when she was four years old when I was dating my ex-wife. When she was eight, her mother (my ex-wife's sister) dropped her off on us and vanished for three years. Presumably, to follow her drug induced ways. Since then, my ex-wife and I raised her till our divorce five years ago. She has struggled with many issues her own identity (she's half black) and the abandonment of her own parents. We did the best that we could to help her out.

Since our divorce, AC has been struggling with self independence and financially. She has moved around from place to place, never staying at a place for long. This is not good for her and her daughter. They need some kind of stability in their lives.

Knowing that she needs stability in her life, I try not enable by helping her out by giving her money and giving her rides. Being her "Dad" it's so hard not too. If she ever wants to be self independent I have to.

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happy hippy chick said...

well, considering, I know how she can be, I am not too surprised either. She needs to stop looking for a handout and get out and do something with her life. No one is going to do it for her, she needs to do it for her daughter if not just herself! It's ok to "help out" because thats what "dads" are for, but she needs to "pay it back" or "pay it forward"!