Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Man's Best Friend

Thump, thump, thump! I hear this every time I put my keys into the lock of my door. Behind it, is a happy dog that is glad to see me after a long day of work. As I'm walking in, Harley is dancing away and wagging her tail so hard that she is knocking things off the coffee table. Immediately, I walk over to my computer to check my e-mails and the dog is following me. As I'm looking through my blogs, Harley is nudging me with her nose wanting attention. Scratching her on top of her head, I'll say "Hello Harley!" and she'll end up trying climb up into lap trying to lick my face. So, I let her outside so she can do her "business." This is kinda routine for me. Yet, it amazes me.

How does it amaze me? The loyalty. the love, and the dependency that she has for me. Is as if she worships me. Unconditionally. I kinda feel blessed by it.

One thing that comes to mind as thinking of this, what if we worshiped God like that? Loved God unconditionally like that? I mean, we are free thinking people here. Sentient beings. Would the world be a better place if we thought this why? I know, it's some crazy thoughts, but I couldn't help from wondering..

I got Harley almost almost eight years ago, when she was a puppy. Small enough to fit into the palm of my hand. I remember reading an add in my local newspaper about Golden Retriever puppies for sale. Did a little research. I found it would be compatible to have a Golden for a pet and we traveled to Green Bay to this spectacle. It was love at first sight. My son named her after the motorcycles that went though my alley behind house when he was a little boy. Since then, Harley has been a faithful companion to me.

Tonight, I know she is going to lay down in bed beside me and bring me comfort in knowing that somebody loves me, for who I am unconditionally.....


TheChicGeek said...

Awww, such a cute puppy :) My dog thinks I'm a Rockstar...LOL!!! Don't you just love that excitement they have for you when you come home...you open the door and there they are loving you, kissing you, all over you :)
I have a puggle named Maggie and she's the sweetest!
Unconditional love is such a beautiful thing :)
Wishing you a Wonderful Week, Drew :)
Hugs :))

bearockr said...

aww... That's so cute ... No doubts, Dogs are really unconditional and faithful as I have played with them at my friend's home, but I haven't actually had the joy to have any of those lil' buddies at my home ... Do wish, maybe someday I'll have a dog that cares for me, that loves me, and someone I can always play with ...

Perplexio said...

My great aunt & uncle had a series of Golden Retrievers and my older brother has 2 of them, Marcy & Jasper.

Starting from childhood up until the late 80s my father was an Airedale owner. I don't dislike Airedales but they certainly wouldn't be my first choice. One of the Airedales we had, Sam, was dumber than a box of rocks. One of my older brothers took Sam to obedience school. My brother came back well trained, but Sam didn't seem to benefit from the training. This is the same brother of mine with 2 Golden Retrievers. I wonder if his negative experiences with Sam led to him being a Golden Retriever owner. Incidentally, the oldest of my 2 older sisters is on her second Airedale. But she was in college by the time my parents got Sam. Most of her memories were of the much better behaved and more intelligent female Airedales my parents owned before I was born.

drewzepmeister said...

Chic-You're right, unconditional love is a wonderful thing!

Arjit-I hope you get a dog some day. They make wonderful companions!

Perplexo-My dog went through obedience training, so she's better behaved than most dogs. The only "bad" thing about her is that she is a spatz when it comes for attention. She's gotta have it!

In my dealings with Airedales,(I used to work with my sister at her dog grooming business) I found out that they are good dogs, but I've always been wary of their temperament.

Perplexio said...

And wary you should be of male Airedales. My parents had no trouble with their female Airedales. They didn't have trouble until they got their first male, Sam. He was the one who helped train my brother. He was dumber than a box of rocks. And my sister Karen's first Airedale, Chip, was a male. In the end he had to be put down because he bit a stranger. I'd stick with Golden Retrievers if I were you. If you ever do decide to get an Airedale GET A FEMALE. The males are way too tempermental and they're considerably more difficult to train (I think the same can be said for most breeds, but I think male Airedales are particularly difficult).

classicrockforthesoul said...

Harley was precious as a puppy and she's still so cute!!

I've grown up with Goldens and blond labs my whole life.
They are fantastic dogs and I don't think I'll ever get anything different.

Currently we've got two female blond labs at home-- one's 2 and one's 10 and a half. The vet is really surprised with how well the older one is doing. As you know, old dogs just don't live as long as the smaller ones.

I firmly believe that every child (especially boys) needs a dog.