Sunday, December 6, 2009


One album I've been listening a lot of lately is Pearl Jams' sophomore effert Vs. While it may not be well known as Ten, but it holds it's ground pretty good. This album is a solid, raw, and aggressive piece of work. The energy it feeds leaves you standing on your feet with your fist pumped in the air. Tunes like Animal and Go gets me going crazy. The delicate moments like Daughter and Elderly Woman leave me breathless. There is not a wasted track on this album!

The one tune that gets to me is "Rearviewmirror" To me, the song is about the people that used and abused you. It's about once you have it figured it and left that person behind (like my ex-wife) That when I give the finger and tell them off.

Sorry that my rage is showing, it's that a couple of people have been ticking me off lately....


Anonymous said...

People only upset you if u let them.
they are not worth the time or energy
You have moved on,AND seem much happier for it.Leave the past,Live for the future


Perplexio said...

For pissed off angry CDs my favorites are Dream Theater's Awake (released in 1994) and Steve Lukather's Luke (released in 1997). I believe Lukather was in the midst of his divorce or had just finalized his divorce with his first wife at the time he recorded Luke.

drewzepmeister said...

Anonymous-Thanks for the advice!

Perplexo- Another pissed off at the world album would be Guns N'Roses Appetite for Destruction. On a lesser scale,Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks.

It just seems so I'm just getting weary of people calling me for favors instead of calling me to just have a cup of coffee.

Perplexio said...

I love Blood on the Tracks and I like Appetite for Destruction (but I prefer the Use Your Illusion albums, heck even Chinese Democracy has its moments) too.