Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School

School is now back in session here in Racine after a summer of fun and games. My 13 year old son returns back, now in the 8th grade. My God, time flies! It seems like yesterday he was in the backyard burying his Hot Wheels in the sandbox. Watching him grow has been amazing. Now when I look at him, we see eye to eye. At 5' 11", He's almost as tall as me! No longer a little kid anymore, he's built like linebacker. I keep wondering why he doesn't sign up for football. (He prefers art, music and video games) His wisdom and the way he perceives astonishes me. Sometimes I have to look at him twice and say to myself, "Where did he come up with these thoughts?" He is an observant kid...Gotta love him.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I was so happy that school started. This means that I have peace and quiet now. No arguing in the house. But now I have to make sure that homework gets done at night. That is the only down fall to school starting again. Then all the parent teacher conferences will start.
That is a real good picture of the school that you took.