Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Stereo...

So far, so neighbors haven't complained, yet.

I've been enjoying a wall of sound surrounding me as I'm typing away at my computer in my little corner of my apartment. After downsizing my storage, transferring books to new bookshelves and rearranging furniture to make room for more crap, my stereo finally found a new home-in my bedroom. Now that everything is closer to me, it's kind of nice to hear my vinyl and cassettes on a regular basis.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, I don't own an I-Pod. Most of my music that I have are channeled at 150 watts through 11 inch woofers of a pair of Pioneer CS-K531 speakers. The rest through factory installed car stereo and computer speakers. You just can't get the ambient, vibrant feeling through a 2 x 4 inch thin box full of disposable downloaded songs with headphones. I need something surreal, something to look at and to appreciate. That's were my stereo comes in.

Considered the state of art back in '84, my folks got me this system as a graduation gift. Since then, it has been my baby.

(from top to bottom)

Sony CDP 291 compact disc player
Sherwood TD-2010 CP AM/FM Digital Synthesizer Tuner
Sherwood AD 2210 CP Integrated Amplifier
Sony TC-WE825S Dual Cassette Player
Sherwood ST-870 Belt Drive Semi Automatic Turntable
Pioneer CS-K531 Speakers with 11" woofers, 5'' mid range and 3" tweeters
KLH Speakers with 7" woofers, "4" mid range and 2" tweeters

Now, all the Sherwood systems are original as I got them in '84, working great with no issues. The CD player I got back in the '90's for $15o from a friend is now on it's last leg. (I still can slap a disc in the computer). Working on getting a new one. I've gone through three tape decks already. The motors that run the cassettes have worn down and died from repeated recording over the years. I've had a Sherwood to start with before I killed a Magnavox and a Yamaha along the way. The Sony that I'm using, I bought at a rummage sale for five bucks, is serving me just perfectly. Hell, I've got a Little Feat tape rollin' right now.

So where are you channeling your tunage on?


Dan said...

I listen to a lot on the computer and wish I had better speakers. But I also listen on a Sherwood RS 4103 AM/FM stereo and Sony 5-disc CD changer that blasts music to my deck out back where my spa is. Fun stuff in the summer time!

drewzepmeister said...

A stereo + spa = A rockin' good time!

Sherwoods and Sonys are quality, durable systems that will last a life time.