Saturday, January 14, 2012

So, What's Been Going On These Days?

I just seem haven't to have that much time to write lately....So here what's been going on.

This morning I pulled off another eight hour shift starting at 4 AM, making my tally up to 56 hours worked this week. I'm tired, I'm beat and had enough of machinery for awhile. Getting up early and working ten hour shifts does take a toll on you, especially when you suffer midnight leg cramps from overexerting yourself. The paychecks are great, but sleeping in does sound nice.

Winter finally came roaring in last Thursday after an extremely mild season so far, dumping 6-7 inches of the white crap. The snow lovers might like this shit, but I don't. If the slippin' and slidin', trying to navigate a leased Chevy HHR through town isn't nerve wrecking itself, it's the other idiots on the road that I have to watch for. I once saw a car with only a small porthole of the windshield cleared of snow going down the road! Unreal... I have no clue to how he saw anything... I still say, I can live without ever seeing another snowflake again.

A funeral was held this afternoon for (one of) my ex-wife's boyfriends. Didn't go and don't even care. O.k., I may sound like a cynical asshole, but I really don't like this guy. Not only this subnormal Neanderthal has cheated and beat my ex-wife numerous times, he even brags about it. Not only that, his rap sheet is a novel. This jobless wonder's convictions range mostly from failure to pay child support, resisting arrest to DUI. My ex-wife basically left me for crack headed winners like these. Am I jealous? No. Just scratching my head to why? If he was a better fuck than me, big deal. If she would have remarried to a loving doctor or a lawyer, I would be happier. Oh well....

Oh yeah, he died of a heart attack. He was in his '50s. My guess crack had something to do with it.

The good news is, my girlfriend is a hell a lot better she ever was. I have been thinking of future plans with her that includes the possibility of marriage....

During the first week of the new year, Cheri and I spent time reorganizing our apartment. With her daughter gone visiting her brother, we cleared away the storage to make room more things. My stereo finally came into the bedroom where the computer is. So great to hear vinyl on a regular basis again.... Right now, I'm kicking it out with the Pretenders.

Speaking of music, while shopping for a dresser at a thrift store I picked up some interesting albums. Some of the them seemly rare vinyl. Among them are the Beach Boys Wow! A Great Concert! (Pickwick), the Beach Boys Surfin' Safari (Capitol), Grand Funk We're an American Band (Yes, with the transparent yellow vinyl and stickers), the Guess Who American Woman, the Guess Who The Best of the Guess Who (Poster included) and Bill Hailey & the Comets Rock & Roll.

So what you been up to, lately?


R S Crabb said...

Hey Drew, thought i pop in here. Usually when I'm over at my GF's place I don't do a lotta posting, she pretty much ties up the computer while I while away the hours watching sports on tv. Sounds like you found decent music to listen to. I did find some interesting things in Iowa City last week, A Grand Funk On Time CD, Robyn Hitchcock Gotta let this hen out, Robert Plant Now and Zen (Rhino edition) a Pure Prairie League 2 fer and Billy Joel Turnstiles for 50 cents at Salvation army. We survived the storm thursday and temps were back into mid 30s but another storm is on the way. Thought I pop in and say Howdy ;)

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks for stopping by here, Crabb! You are always welcome!

A great catch of albums I'd say!

Robert Plant's Now and Zen, I bought back on vinyl back when it was released is a great album in my book. Plant's Shakin' n'Stirred didn't fare too well among the critics and the consumer alike. What Plant needed was to get back to the "Zep" swing of things. Bringing in Jimmy Page to do guitar sols on "Heaven Knows" and "Tall Cool One" was a good idea. Even better was sampling Zeppelin tunes on "Tall Cool One". The lyrics for the "The Way I Feel" and "Ship of Fools" are excellent!