Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wildlife Pictures

I enjoy photography as well as watching wildlife. It makes perfect sense to try a hand in wildlife photography. It's not easy as it may sound. Certainly can't get a wild animal to pose for a picture. By the time the camera gets focused, they're gone. However, I've managed a few pics, but nothing like a National Geographic...

A prairie dog at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota

A California Rail at the Upper Newport Bay Reserve by Newport Beach, California

Sea Lions off the coast of California at Dana Point

A Ringed Neck Pheasant by a storage shed in Shawano, Wisconsin

A Praying Mantis on a gas pump here in Racine, Wisconsin

A Red Tailed Hawk at River Band Nature Reserve in Racine, Wisconsin

A Striped Skunk on the side of the road near UW-Parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin

An Opossum wandering in my backyard


TAD said...

These are pretty cool -- I like the seals on the buoy especially. & is that giant rat in the last photo a possum?
Nice work. I used to shoot lotsa photos when I was a reporter, & sometimes I miss it. Do you have more?

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks TAD! Yes, that giant rat in my backyard actually was a possum. They're quite common around here.

Yes, I have more pics...

Birth Of a Manta Ray said...

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