Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rock and Roll Memorabilia

I confess to being a pack rat sometimes. I tend to save items that are sentimental to me. Like old love letters, newspapers articles, pictures and yes, rock and roll memorabilia. Most of my memorabilia are posters that came with the album. A Rolling Stones poster is one of my prizes, the one found in their Let it Bleed album. I had bought this album at a rummage sale for a quarter-with the poster in it! Talk about luck!

In this picture (l to r, t to b) Pink Floyd DSOTM, Rolling Stones Let it Bleed, Kiss Rock and Roll Over (sticker), Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Kiss Love Gun (toy), Pink Floyd DSOTM, Styx The Grand Illusion, Grand Funk poster, Kiss Double Platinum


music obsessive said...

I wish I'd kept a whole load of this sort of stuff that I had once. All those posters and cards that came with DSOTM...where are they now?

And as for my Raquel Welch poster (sigh).

Anonymous said...

I use to be a pack rat. But I got rid of a lot of my stuff after my divorce.
I hope you have the room for all of your stuff since your such a pack rat. I also hope you know were all of it is.

drewzepmeister said...

I'm glad that I did, music obsessive. I'm thinking of getting some it framed and hung up on the wall.

BTW I had a Farrah Fawsett poster :)

I do know EVERYTHING is anonymous. :P