Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

I saw it today on the Weather Channel that Punxsutawney Phil got yanked out of his hole and announced six more weeks of winter. YUCK! I know this is all a myth, but I really can do without winter. I really do without bundling up in layers of clothes just to scrape my car of the snow and ice, warm it up and drive it 25 mph just to go to the store. I really do without breaking my back shoveling and dancing on ice. I really do without seeing another snowflake!

I had visited Southern California last summer and found the climate to be perfect for me. I like it HOT! I'd give anything to live in a sub tropical climate with palm trees and sandy beaches. Oh, well...back to reality.

I'm thankful for mild winter that we are having. It only has snowed about three times (two inches today) and the temperatures never got lower than seven degrees this year. But we have six more weeks of winter. Now excuse me while I get a shotgun and blast the oversized rodent...


bearockr said...

Hmmm.... i would wish the opposite : To be in a place full of snow ! lol, We all wish for what we dont have !

Perplexio said...

I do like both the heat and the snow... The snow makes me appreciate the heat that much more when we have it and the heat makes me appreciate the winter snow that much more.

I definitely prefer the midwestern summers over the east coast summers I grew up with. The part of NY I grew up in, we had longer spring and fall weather making for shorter summer weather... about 8 weeks, 10 if we were lucky... Whereas out here generally we can get anywhere from 12-16 weeks of summer weather (although last summer was rather chilly from start to finish).

That being said, I hate the ice. A few weeks back I injured my back in a weird anomaly... I was on the mend, starting to heal then one night a couple weeks ago I was taking out the trash not realizing my driveway had turned into center ice at the United Center and my feet came right out from under me thus further aggravating my back injury and delaying the whole healing process.

drewzepmeister said...

Sorry iso-I don't need any links to porn on my blog!!!

Arjit-I suppose you wouldn't want to trade place? I could use a vacation!

Perplexo-Sorry to hear about your back. I truly understand the feeling of back pain. I blew mine out at work a few years ago. I was walking around hunched up in pain for a couple of weeks. Ended up going to a chiropractor. Hope you back feels better soon.

Perplexio said...

The pain is mostly gone *knocks on wood*. Within a few days hopefully it will be completely gone.