Monday, February 8, 2010

When Should They Retire?

Ever wonder when a musician had ought to retire? The sub-par performance of The Who's show at the Super Bowl has got me thinking. As some of favorite classic rock performers are in their sixties, I have noticed their voice ranges have diminished and are moving slower on stage. Thinking about it, some of these musicians are almost my Dad's age. Imagine this, your father or your grandfather strutting around stage in tight leather pants. No Thanks!

No discredit to any musician out there, I understand the passion for music that flow through the veins. Some of these guys are still making excellent music using better wisdom and a broader range of styles. That's what music is all about-to create and explore! Yet, there are some rockers out there that are still spinning their wheels- rehashing their hits year after year. The questions still remain. How long are these guys going to keep it up? Will they continue to create good music? Can they still perform? Are you willing to shell out the big dollar to see your favorite rocker come on stage in a wheelchair?

What are your thoughts about this?


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Yes, I'm still willing to shell out big bucks to see classic rock performers, even if they're a little long in the tooth. I have tremendous respect for them, and when they're gone, well... that's all folks. There are precious few modern day bands that will achieve classic rock status.

And I still say Paul McCartney looks like an old lesbian. I'm gonna have to dig up a picture of my aunt Joyce.

drewzepmeister said...

Linda, you're not the only one! I'd pay an arm and a leg to go see Led Zeppelin, if they were ever to reunite.

Perplexio said...

Or... "is it better to burn out or fade away?"

I think it depends on the musician. Watching the Who's Halftime show left me yearning for the days when John, Keith, and Roger's voice were all still alive and well. Now Keith is gone, John is gone, and Roger's voice is fading fast. I'd rather remember them as they once were than to have that legacy tarnished by the sub-par performances (compared to when they were in their primes) that they give now.

Some performers, if they've taken care of themselves, still have "it" well into their 60s or possibly even 70s. For others the rock and roll lifestyle of their youth catches up with them and their voices prematurely age. They lose their range, their tone, their pitch.

Bar L. said...

Once again you failed to mention Bruce who is 60 years old and still performing with more energy and talent than many of today's youngest performers. And - he looks HOT.

drewzepmeister said...

Perplexo-I agree with you. There are some musicians out there that still have it

Barbara-Shame on me to forget Bruce! I also forgot countless others. Yes, the Boss still ROCK!