Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Milwaukee, WI 5/1/1995

Can anybody withstand another bootleg post about Zeppelin? I hope so, I've got way too much stuff on them. This one comes with some good stories.

I had originally planned on going to this show at the Bradley Center. I didn't go because I had to work and couldn't get off early. I arrived at the ticket place an hour late only to find out that it was sold out. BUMMER! Dejected, as I drove away, I heard over the radio announcements of tickets going on sale for the Chicago shows. YES! I got the tickets the following week and saw them at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, two days before this one.

The setlist between both shows were similar, so I'll tell you about my show. It was excellent, perhaps, one of he best concerts that I have ever been to! The band opened up with a rousing version of The Wanton Song and played through tunes like "Bring It On Home" , "Ramble On", and "Thank You" The band-Micheal Lee, on the drums, almost matched John Bonham note for note. Plant's son-in-law, Charlie Jones, provided a good and solid bass. The Cure's guitarist Porl Thompson held an excellent rhythm for Jimmy Page.

The surprises kept coming! Robert Plant blew away David "Coverversion's" "Shake My Tree" (from the Coverdale/Page album) proving that you can imitate Robert, but you can't beat the real thing! That song was complete with a theramin solo! The spaced out version of the Cure's "Lullaby" was a treat! Jimmy Page pulled out his famous double neck to play "The Song Remains the Same". Robert Plant sang The Doors' "break On Through" in his "Calling to You" medley.

The band played with a backdrop of a symphony orchestra and the Egyptian Ensemble. Tunes like "No Quarter", "Friends", and "Since I've Been Loving You" proved to me that Zeppelin was more just amps cranked up to 11. The arrangements and the feel of the songs are what moves me. Heck, "Kashmir" had a violin solo in it and it ROCKED!

I left the show feeling extremely satified that this is probably the closest I'll ever get to see Zeppelin. (unless a reunion were to ever to take place) It still remains one of best concerts that I've been to....

The set list
The Wanton Song
Bring It On Home
Ramble On
Thank You
Shake My Tree
No Quarter
Gallows Pole
Hurdy Gurdy Solo
When the Levee Breaks
Hey,Hey What Can I Do
The Song Remains the Same
Since I've Been Loving You
Calling to You
includes Break on Through/Dazed and Confused
Four Sticks
In the Evening
Black Dog

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Mike said...

saw em the next night in Minneapolis. Great show...