Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Benefit

Last night I attended the Thoughts for Food Benefit in downtown Racine. For a great cause, I had a good time. The first band I saw was Lydon Moon. at the Michigan Pub. This instrumental trio pulls off an uncanny resemblance to Joe Satriani. Guitarist Lydon Moon played very fluid and precise throughout the set, pulling off tricks like finger tapping and whammy bar techniques like breathing. This guy is a guitar god in his own right.

The rest of the band shouldn't go unnoticed. Bassist Joel Thierfelder bounced around stage keeping an excellent and complicated rhythm. The drummer, Dan Jung, played the skins like a demon possessed! These guys are the perfect fit for Moon's style of playing!

Next, I went to see a local favorite band, Mean Jake, at Chartroom Charlie's. I tell you, this place was PACKED with fans coming to see them! Standing room only! I did manage to find a place to sit down in the back. Listening to this band is always a treat. This blues based quartet never fails to deliver a foot stomping show! Their hard edged versions of classic tunes like "Ring of Fire", "Gloria", "Who Be the Next in Line", "Suzi Q", and "Sympathy for the Devil" always seem to get the crowd up and dancing to their music. I can't wait to see these guys again at the beach this summer!

Not knowing whom I was going to see next, I settled for the Feet of Clay at the downstairs stage at the Eagles Club. I've heard of this band before, but never saw them until last night. They are pretty good! They play to the likes of a hard edged version of the California psychedelic electric folk style of music. Bands like Wilco and the Jayhawks came into my mind while listening to them. Hopefully I'll see these guys again!

I had promised my good friend Aaron, formerly of the Radioactive Sguirrels to see his new band, Full Flavor, at the Michigan Pub. This is the first time I saw these guys play! They ran though classic numbers from the Doors and Cheap Trick. Aaron was all over the stage with his guitar playing antics! This dude can PLAY! Unfortunately, I left the show early. The tavern was WAY to crowded for my liking. I was getting a little claustrophobic in there. Hopefully I'll see more of these guys over the summer. Perhaps at the beach.

All in all, I had a good time! Can't wait for next year's benefit!


Perplexio said...

I dig Satch. I have ever since an old friend of mine gave me his copy of Satriani's Crystal Planet album when he learned I was going to see Satriani live with King's X and Dream Theater. Based on that it sounds like Lydon Moon put on a solid show based on your comparison to Satriani. Speaking of Satch, I was listening to his G3 tour-mate, John Petrucci's solo album earlier today. That is some solid stuff! I may dig Satch but I love love love me some Petrucci!

drewzepmeister said...

I really liked Joe Satriani's "Surfing With an Alien".If you're interested, Perplexo, you can hear Lydon Moon his MySpace page. Enjoy!