Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thinking / Big Head Todd & the Monsters

There is a lot on my mind lately, thinking about things. Thinking about relationships, my family and my son. Wondering if I should take some steps forward or take a step back and wait things out. I'm being optimistic about things, yet looking at the reality of it all. I want the right decisions made before anyone close to me gets hurt. Guess I'm waiting on a sign somewhere, but not sure where. I know that I might much sense now, I can't reveal too much online. Just pray that things work out somehow for the better...

What I can reveal is, that I've been listening to Big Head Todd & the Monsters lately. Some of you folks out there may have never heard of this band before. This trio out from Colorado enjoyed moderate success in the '90's with "Bittersweet" Great tune! Here's one of my favorite tunes from them called "Circle"


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