Sunday, September 12, 2010

Packers Week #1

My beloved Green Bay Packers just beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27-20 this afternoon. Here are my thoughts of the game:

Packers looked sluggish early in the game, but turned up the heat as the game went on.
The Eagles under Eagles' rookie quarterback Kevin Kolb looked helpless.
Kevin Kolb left the game at half time due to a concussion
The Eagles looked much better when Micheal "Dogbeater" Vick took over at QB.
The Packers' defensive back Matthew Clay and cornerback Charles Wooden kicked ass.
QB Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Greg Jennings make a great team.
Packers running back Ryan Grant went down after two impressive runs totaling 39 yards.

More on the game here.


Perplexio said...

I was following the Bears (NFC fave team), Browns (AFC and overall favorite team), and even the Cardinals (I've got a soft spot for former Browns QB Derek Anderson, I thought many of my fellow Browns fans were a bit too hard on the guy and I'm glad he won the starting job in Arizona over Matt Leinart). I was disappointed in the Browns but was happy to see both the Cardinals and Bears win their games.

drewzepmeister said...

Oh no...Not another Bears fan :P I've been dealing with a few of them lately. I did watch some of Bears/Lions game and was disappointed with the TD call. I felt it was a TD regardless of the new rule.

Anonymous said...

You can't down the Bears. They are a good team. Yes I am a Bears fan. I grew up in Illinois and then moved to Wisconsin. But I will always be a Bears fan. Yes another Bears fan for you to deal with. :)

Yes I do agree with the TD at the end of the game. That was not right to the Lions. That should have been a TD. But you can't blame that on the Bears it is the new rule and the officials have to go by the rules.