Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Dumped Again!

No, That's not me shoveling snow! Glad that I don't have to. One of the perks living in an apartment complex is I don't have to shovel snow. Thank God! I admit I had to when I owned a house. Anyways, the National Weather Service announced that we are going to get up to 12 inched of snow before midnight, much of it is lake effect. EGADS! That is a lot of snow! I doubt that we are going get that much, but we got enough to create a mess of the roads and snarl traffic.

With a blizzard outside and the terrible road conditions, I'm definitely staying in. So I can do on a night like this? Well, I'm gonna get cozy on my couch with my dog laying on my legs and watch some movies. Now that's relaxation.

And don't forget the hot cocoa


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Perplexio said...

I pay HOA fees so I only have to shovel if there are less than 2" of snow. If there's more, they send in the plows. For $125/month in HOA fees I would certainly hope so!

bearockr said...

Terrible conditions out there ! Have never experienced such harsh weather , but seriously, I do wanna come over and see all the big snow with my eyes and feel it a bit too ! hehe